We all know very well that the tech giant Apple’s iOS 11 bugs are so common that they now appear in the tech giant Apple’s ads as well. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Apple just fixed the buggy iPhone X ad simply before fixing the actual iOS 11 bug.

Apple Fixes Buggy iPhone X Ad Before Fixing The iOS 11 Bug

The tech giant Apple has made a commercial to demonstrate the advantages of its well-known flagship smartphone, of course, I am talking about the iPhone X’s facial recognition, which allows you to unlock the smartphone just by looking at the screen.

However, later after releasing the commercial ad the tech giant Apple realised that its simple commercial ad which the tech giant Apple made to demonstrate the advantages of the iPhone X’s facial recognition served to highlight an iOS 11 bug.


In the video, the problem happens with iMessage. iPhone X hides, by default, the content of notifications until it is unlocked. However, after unlocking, the text goes beyond the space of the balloon in which it should remain for a short period.

Some users have noticed the error and the tech giant Apple has now decided to fix it simply by updating the video scene posted on YouTube. But, the oddest thing about this is that the bug, however, remains in the system.

This is one more recent bug in iOS 11. For example, anyone can enable Siri to read the notifications on the lock screen, even if they are hidden – as is the default on iPhone X.

Moreover, the tech giant Apple has already taken note of both errors but does not say when they will be fixed. It is expected that they will no longer occur in the upgrade to iOS 11.3, which is in beta.

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