If we look around, we will discover that almost everyone uses WhatsApp. WhatsApp is indeed a great instant messaging platform that allows users to exchange texts and start voice or video calls. Not only that, but WhatsApp for Android also allows users to share live locations, statuses, etc.

If you have been using WhatsApp for a while, then you might know about WhatsApp Stickers. WhatsApp launched a new feature back in 2018 in the form of Stickers. Well, the new feature allows users to express their emotions in a much more understandable way. WhatsApp offers lots of stickers that can be used during a text conversation.

However, since Android users never settle for less, Sticker apps for Android exist. These WhatsApp sticker apps for Android allow users to import additional sticker packs to their WhatsApp account. Not only that, but a few of the sticker apps also allow users to create custom stickers.

10 Best Android Apps To Create WhatsApp Stickers

So, here in this article, we will share a few best apps that can help you create stickers. The great thing is that you can use these stickers in your chats. So, let’s explore the list.

1. Sticker maker

Sticker maker

If you are looking for an easy-to-use sticker app for your Android smartphone, then Sticker maker might be the best pick for you. The great thing about Sticker maker is that it allows users to create custom stickers of their own choice.

Not just that, but Sticker Maker also allows users to import those stickers to use them in different instant messaging or social networking platforms.

2. Sticker Studio

Sticker Studio

It is another excellent sticker app on the list which is known for its interface. The great thing about Sticker Studio is that it looks pretty much similar to the official WhatsApp app.

What’s more interesting is that Sticker Studio allows users to use their photos to create stickers. That means you can easily create your stickers and export them to WhatsApp.

3. Personal stickers for WhatsApp

Personal stickers for WhatsApp

The app allows users to add png files, and then it recognizes the file and shows relevant stickers. After showing relevant stickers, the app allows users to import the stickers to WhatsApp in sticker packs.

4. Stickify


It is a sticker store that hosts thousands of fun stickers. The best thing about Stickify is that it allows users to export stickers to WhatsApp in just one tap.

Another best thing about Stickify is that it has an excellent interface, and the sticker collections are good enough to be used on WhatsApp.

5. Sticker Make for WhatsApp

Sticker Make for WhatsApp

If you are searching for an Android app to create stickers for WhatsApp, then Sticker Make for WhatsApp might be the best pick for you. With this app, you can easily create your custom stickers in a few steps.

To create a sticker, the app provides you lots of features like you can remove background, add text to the stickers, add emojis, etc.

6. Wemoji


It’s one of the best and most advanced WhatsApp sticker maker apps that you can use on Android. Compared to every other WhatsApp sticker maker, Wemoji provides you more features. You can easily crop photos, add texts to stickers, etc.

7. Sticker.ly


Well, Sticker.ly is by far the best and most popular WhatsApp sticker maker app available on the Google Play Store. On this app, you can either create or discover stickers. You won’t believe it, but the app has millions of funny stickers.

8. Stickery


Well, if you are looking for an easy-to-use Android app to create custom stickers, then Stickery might be the best pick for you.

You can use Stickery to create custom stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram. After creating a sticker, you can share them with your friends. In addition, the app allows you to use your own photos to create a sticker.

9. Sticko


Although not very popular, Sticko is still one of the best WhatsApp sticker maker app that you can use. The app lets you create and share sticker packs with others. You can also check out and download the sticker packs shared by other users.

Sticko provides you wide range of sticker elements to choose from. The app is pretty easy to use, and it’s entirely free to download.

10. Animated Sticker Maker

Animated Sticker Maker

Well, Animated Sticker Maker is a little bit different compared to all others listed in the article. The app allows can turn your animated images like .gif, .mp4 into a sticker.

If you don’t want to create a new sticker pack, you can download the sticker packs shared by other users. Overall, Animated Sticker Maker is a great sticker maker app for WhatsApp.

So, these are the best Android sticker apps that you can use right now. If you know of any other Sticker apps to make WhatsApp custom stickers, then let us know in the comments.


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