If you are a web developer, you would always prefer a computer for code editing. Plenty of text editing tools are available on a desktop operating system, like Notepad++, VS Code Editor, Brackets, etc. However, productive work like writing or code editing becomes complicated on Android.

Android smartphones are not usually preferred for code editing because many users dislike typing on a virtual keyboard or because they haven’t yet found the right text editing app. The truth is that, with the right apps, Android devices can also be productive, especially when it comes to editing text.

12 Best Android Text Editors for Programming

Plenty of distraction-free text editing apps are available on the Google Play Store that users can use for code editing. Users can even connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to do serious editing. This article will share a list of the best Android text editors.

1) anWriter HTML editor

anWriter HTML editor

anWriter HTML editor is a pretty powerful editor on the list that lets you edit HTML, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, etc., with autocompletion support.

It also provides an internal viewer that can preview web pages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript for web developers. Apart from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, anWriter HTML editor also supports syntax highlighting for C/C++, Java, SQL, Python, and latex.

All of these helpful code editing features have been packed under 2MB. Yes, you read that right! anWriter HTML editor needs less than 2MB for installation.

2) TrebEdit


If you are mainly looking for an editor to edit the HTML file, TrebEdit is for you. TrebEdit is an HTML editor created for web designing. With TrebEdit, you can edit your HTML codes in a lightweight code editor.

Besides editing HTML, you can view any website’s HTML codes or source codes. You can even save the HTML codes of other websites as a new project and start editing them straight away in the text editor.

TrebEdit is fairly lightweight and has many valuable things to offer for developers. So, TrebEdit is another great Android text editor you shouldn’t miss.

3) Writer Plus

Writer Plus

If you are searching for a simple-to-use and lightweight text editor for your Android smartphone, try Writer Plus.

Guess what? Writer Plus is another best text editors and markdown text editor apps available on the Google Play Store, which combines the features of both iA Writer and Monospace listed above. The key features of Writer Plus include basic markdown formatting, night mode, folder organization, etc.

4) JotterPad


JotterPad is another best text editors you can use for distraction-free text editing. Guess what? JotterPad is known for its creative flair over its counterpart in the list.

Like all other text editors for Android, JotterPad also offers basic markdown formatting and exporting features. Besides that, basic text editing features of JotterPad include phrase finding, keyboard shortcuts, custom fonts, style customization, etc.

5) QuickEdit Text Editor

QuickEdit Text Editor

If you are searching for a fast, stable, and full-featured notepad and code editing app for your Android smartphone, try QuickEdit Text Editor. Guess what? QuickEdit Text Editor can be used as a standard and code editor.

This is also one of the favorite apps for programmers because it has over 40 languages supported out of the box, including C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, etc.

6) DroidEdit


If you search for a simple-to-use text editor for your Android device, look no other than DroidEdit. It’s one of the best text and code editors for Android that supports many programming languages.

It supports popular programming languages like C++, C#Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, AND MORE. Some of the key features of DroidEdit include Auto & block indentation, search & replace function, character encoding support, and more.

7) Dcoder


If you are looking for an easy-to-use Android app to hone your coding skills, Dcoder might be the perfect pick. Dcoder offers you a rich text editor supporting syntax highlighting.

Use this app to build and deploy your projects straight from your smartphone and integrate with Github. It supports various programming languages, including Java, Python, and C++. Php, C#, and more.

8) Turbo Editor

Turbo Editor

Turbo Editor is an open-source and powerful text editor app for Android. The great thing about Turbo Editor is that it automatically detects the encoding. The app supports syntax highlights for XHTML, HTML, CSS, JS, LESS, PHY, PYTHON, etc.

Apart from that, some other features of Turbo Editor include unlimited Undo & redo, Go to Line function, Read-only mode, many customization options, and more.

9) Code Editor

Code Editor

Code Editor is an optimized version of a regular text editor, focusing more on coding. The great thing about Code Editor is that it packs every feature a programmer needs for coding.

Some key features of Code Editor include syntax highlighting, auto indention, code assist, unlimited undo & redo, and more.

10) Acode


If you are searching for a lightweight but powerful code editor for your Android device, Acode might be the best pick. With Acode, you can easily edit HTML, Javascript, and text.

The app is entirely free to download & use, and it doesn’t even show ads. Apart from that, Acode also has GitHub support, FTP support, supports syntax highlighting (over 100+ programming languages), and more.

11) Replit


Replit is one of the best code editors for Android that supports various programming languages like Python, Javascript, HTML & CSS, C++, C, Java, etc.

Whether you’re new to coding or have been shipping projects for years, Replit has everything you will need to start or continue your coding journey.

With the Replit app, you can host anything with zero setup deployment, code in any language & any framework, etc.

12) Sololearn


Sololearn is a bit different than all other apps listed in the article. It’s basically an app that will help you get started if you want to learn to make your websites or apps.

The app actually provides you with 18 different coding courses on topics like Python Coding Foundation, Angular, Javascript, CSS, Java, HTML, etc.

The app also brings a compiler that you can use to practice, create, and design codes. Overall, Sololearn is a great coding app for Android you shouldn’t miss.

These are the best free Android text editors for programming. These text editors will fulfill all your text & code editing needs. Almost all apps listed in the article were free to download & available on the Google Play Store.


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