If you are using the latest iOS 16, you may have noticed a new lock screen. The new lock screen has animations and images that interact with the clock and widgets in real time. The lock screen on iOS 16 is highly customizable, and you can change the wallpaper and even the fonts and colors of the date and time.

What’s more useful is that iOS 16 users also have the option to add widgets to the lock screen. When the beta version of iOS 16 was released, the lock screen widgets were limited to one from Apple’s app. However, not that the new update has been rolled up to a wider group of users, it has opened the room for app developers to create widgets that works with the iOS 16 lock screen.

You can now use widgets from various apps on your iOS 16 lock screen. So, if your iPhone is running on iOS 16 and is looking for the best lock screen widgets, you have landed on the right page.

10 Best iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone

This article lists some of the best iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for iPhones or iPad. These widgets will help you get the most out of your iOS 16’s lock screen. So, let’s discover the widgets.

1. Overcast


Well, Overcast is a top-rated audio podcast app available for Apple iPhone. You can use this app to subscribe to a podcast or listen to an existing one.

The app brings three widgets of three different sizes to your iPhone. The rectangular one shows newly published episodes, the square one allows you to launch the Overcast app from the lock screen, and the playlist icon plays your selected playlists.

So, if you often listen to audio podcasts on your iPhone, you may like to add the Overcast podcast widgets on your lock screen.

2. Things 3

Things 3

Things 3 is a day planner that lets you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress towards your goals. You can use this app to create To-Dos, create a project, plan your day, etc.

The app is fully compatible with the new iOS 16 lock screen and shows you the app information. The Things 3 lock screen widget will help you keep track of your to-do lists, inboxes, deadlines, and more.

3. NapBot


NapBot is a sleep tracking app that lets you analyze and view your sleeping patterns. The app is fully compatible with all iOS and WatchOS devices.

You can use this app to track your sleep, get detailed sleep analysis, monitor your heart rate while sleeping, track your sleep history, check sleep trends, and more.

The latest version of NapBot also adds widgets that you can place on your iOS 16 lock screen. The widgets will let you access all important sleep details on the home screen.

4. Widgetsmith


Widgetsmith is a personalization app for iOS 16 that lets you personalize your home and lock screen like never before.

It’s a widget app that brings many highly customizable widgets. For example, you will find widgets for displaying photos, dates, weather information, and app information on your iOS 16 lock screen.

The app is heavily popular on the Apple app store and has over 500K ratings. Overall, Widgetsmith is a great app to bring lock screen widgets on your iPhone.

5. ScreenKit


ScreenKit is a customization app for iPhone that lets you change the app icons, make different themes, create a widget for the home screen, and more.

The latest version of ScreenKit also brings iOS 16 Lock screen widgets. This app can add widgets to your iOS 16 lock screen.

The app offers you more than 100 widgets, including Calendar, Weather, Health, Battery, Utilities, Clock, and more.

6. Launchify


Launchify may not be a top-rated app on the list, but it’s still one of the best iOS 16 Lock screen widgets you can use on your iPhone.

Launchify is an app launcher that lets you place widgets on your lock screen to launch apps. For example, you can create a widget for your favorite app and place it on the lock screen.

The next time you want to launch the app, you need to tap on the lock screen widget. You can also customize the widgets and assign them different actions. Overall, Launchify is a great lock screen widget app for iPhone.

7. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is an iPhone weather app that delivers accurate and detailed weather data. You can use this app to quickly access your current, hourly, and daily weather forecast.

The latest version of the CARROT Weather app for iPhone also brings a lock screen widget. On iOS 16, CARROT Weather can add widgets to your lock screen and provide you with all weather-related information.

The widgets that it brings are highly customizable as well. You can easily edit the background, select what information you want to view, etc.

8. Apollo For Reddit

Apollo For Reddit

If you are a Reddit user, you may like to have Apollo For Reddit on your iPhone. Apollo For Reddit is a Reddit client app for iPhone that lets you use the most out of the Reddit website.

It brings a tabbed interface for Reddit, markdown composer, inline Imgur uploading, dark mode, customizable gestures, and more.

Apollo For Reddit also brings iOS 16 lock screen widgets that let you track your Reddit account activity right from the lock screen. With the lock screen widget, you can also keep track of your inbox messages, karma points, bookmarks, etc.

9. Just Press Record

Just Press Record

Just Press Record is a premium audio recording app for iPhone that brings one-tap recording, transcription, and iCloud sync features.

The app also brings widgets that you can place on your iOS 16 lock screen. The widget lets you open the audio recorder from the lock screen without unlocking your iPhone.

However, you still need to unlock your phone and open the app for editing and transcription. Overall, Just Press Record is a great lock screen widget app for iOS 16 that you shouldn’t miss.

10. Facebook


If you don’t want to miss out on your best friend’s birthday, you need to start using the Facebook iOS 16 lock screen widget. Facebook app for iPhone brings a lock screen widget that displays if today is the birthday of any Facebook friends.

The widget doesn’t do anything else other than that. However, it has an additional widget that displays updates from your friends. So, if you don’t want to miss out on any single update from your Facebook friends, you can start using the Facebook lock screen widget for iPhone.

So, these are some of the best iOS 16 lock screen widgets you will love. Let us know in the comment box below if you want to add any other iOS 16 lock screen widget to the list.


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