Taking pictures has now become a common thing. You might have seen many photo addicts taking and sharing photos on social networking sites. Sometimes, we capture photos that require a bit of photo editing.

You may want to change many things in your photo like the background, modify the colors, add makeup, or anything. Also, with a good photo editing program, you can cartoonize your own photo, which is a new trend in social networking platforms.

If you also want to turn your photos into cartoons, then check out these amazing apps. Here is the list of PC Apps that can turn your photos into cartoons. With these programs, you can cartoonize your own photo in no time.

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List of 10 best Cartoon or Sketch Making Software for PC

Let us take a look at the apps with which you will look like a cartoon. Use these apps, and relive your childhood memories. So, let’s get started.

1. Paint.Net (Windows)


Paint.net is a simple photo editing software with which you can quickly turn your photo into a cartoon. This software is straightforward to use and is compatible with Windows PC. To use it, you need to import it in the editor and then go to the Effects menu.

You will see the Artistic sub-menu; from there, pick the Ink Sketch option and adjust the color. Moreover, you can also add Noise to the photo. Make sure you pick the right picture to edit.

2. FotoSketcher (Windows, macOS)


Using the FotoSketcher app is fun as you can apply or combine two more effects on your picture. There are multiple ways to turn your photos into cartoons. In addition, there are two effects that you can use when you click on the Drawing parameter menu.

From that menu, select the Stylized effects sub-menu. Then you will see the Cartoon effects, pick any of your choice,s and customize the settings. It supports file formats like JPEG, PNG, or BMP.

3. Sketch Me (Windows, Mobile)


All Windows 10 users can convert their photos to cartoons for free with this software. As Sketch Me software is by Microsoft, it is free to use for all Windows 10 users. In addition, all the necessary tools are available here, which are required to turn your photos into cartoons.

There are effects like Comic, Neon, and others, which help you create a picture of yours. In addition, it lets you adjust the Cartoon effects intensity and the Contrast and Brightness settings. However, you can only edit or save photos in JPEG format.

4. Adobe 2D Animation Software (Windows, macOS)

Adobe 2D Animation Software

Adobe 2D Animation Software lets you create cartoons from photos. However, it is an anime app, so it will be hard for beginners to use it, but it won’t take much time.

Before you import your photos to Adobe 2D Animation, you need to convert them to vector drawings, then transform them into cartoons. After that, all the animations can be saved to HTML5, Canvas, WebGL, and GIFs or MOV files. However, this software is not free, though it offers a free trial first.

5. Pixelmator Pro (macOS)

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro software is not free to use for all macOS users. This software doesn’t have any cartoon effects, which you can easily apply to a photo.

So, if you want to convert a photo to a cartoon, you need to put the photo to a blank layer and then outline the figure in the picture. It takes a lot of time to edit pictures with this app.

6. Image Cartoonizer (Windows)

Image Cartoonizer

Let me tell you first that this software is not free to use; you need to pay $5.99/month. All PC users can easily use it to make their photos look like cartoons.

It has so many effects from which you can choose any. Furthermore, it allows you to customize each effect easily, so your pictures look unique.

7. Gimp (Windows, macOS, Linux)


Gimp is a free-to-use open-source photo editor with so many photo editing options. There is a massive collection of photo effects, which also has a Cartoon effect.

Even this software is straightforward to use, you need to open it and go to Filters effect, open the Artistic sub-menu, and select the Cartoon option. Then customize the settings according to your need.

8. XnSketch (Windows, macOS, Linux)


XnSketch has a mobile and a PC version, and it’s very easy to use anywhere. Moreover, the app is free to use.

This app does not offer much except visual effects, which you can add to your photos. However, it supports many image files, which lets you edit photos in any format and save them.

9. iToon (Windows, iOS)


iToon is one of the best apps to turn your photos into cartoons. Install it on your PC and import the photos you want to edit, then select the effect you want to apply. It has more than 50 cartoon effects to apply.

You can edit each effect to make your image look better. Once it is done, click on Apply and save your cartoon photo. However, to use it, you need to pay a fee, but before that, you can use a free trial of 14 days.

10. Adobe Photoshop (Windows, macOS)

Adobe Photoshop

You might have heard about this software, as most of them use it to edit photos. But did you know it also helps you to make cartoons from your photos? It has so many cartoon effects which you can use in photos.

You can create layers, change modes, and create masks. But the app is not free to use; you have to purchase a subscription for one month at $20.99.

So, these are the best PC software that can turn any photo into a cartoon. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below.