List of Top 10 Best Routers To Buy In 2017
List of Top 10 Best Routers To Buy In 2017

Here to show you the List of Top 10 Best Routers To Buy In 2017 that you should consider up to buy. So have a look on the complete list that we had discussed below.

Routers provide access to the network and also provides it with security so that others cannot use your network without your permission.The speed and range of the network is also dependent on the quality of the router that we use so to be sure for getting the best secure connection and speed the best router should be selected.

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List of Top 10 Best Routers To Buy In 2017


The award winning dual band technology that can simultaneously allow both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands is the fastest router in the world.It packs up a great sleek and stylish design that is very appealing.It is the only router that delievers upto 1000Mbps gigabyte throughput that is about five times faster than conventional gigabit routers.This in all provides great range and speed that is also great for gaming also.It is also packed up with some more features like multifunctioning twin USB ports.Although it is placed in the high price range but the exceptional quality that you get makes it the best buy.Router1

#2 D-Link DIR-890L/R

Want to buy a router for your house or buiseness that is amzingly fast with great range and connection too then D-Link DIR-890L/R is definately the one made for you.This tri-band model includes remote-access management with some more features like USB 3.0 connections and the ability to create guest networks.If blazing fast speed with some great features are your choice that you would want to have but money is a no object for you then D-Link DIR-890L/R is all you need as this is highly priced product but the quality it provides is unmatched.One more great thing in this router is that it provides great gaming experience as for graphics-heavy gaming you need super fast connection that you get through this router.Overall it is the giant raider of all.Router2

#3 D-Link AC3200

The tri-band model again from D-link is enforced with super techonology as in D-Link DIR-890L/R and provides up some great speed and performance.It delievers the neccesary power and performance which is best suited for home and gaming purposes too.This router will provide a great range and ultimate connection clipped with features like USB connection that will be the utmost of all that you will need for your home.Router3

#4 TP-Link Archer C8

Tagged as the best quality and best priced product because of its performance and affordable price tag.TP-Link Archer C8 provides great range and fast and consistent speed that is the best as is experienced on type 802.11ac like router same like Archor but are priced much higher than it.It do provide up with extra features like USB 3.0 which is great for a device like that priced at $130.Router4


It provides the same quality as that of TP-Link Archer C8 but is placed second on the list because of its higher price tag and the slightly lower range than that of the Archer C8.ASUS RT-AC68U is impressively fast and the interface is also very easy to be used.It also provides quick file transfer and boot time.It is priced at nearly $180.Router5

#6 linksky WRT1900AC

Priced at $200 the Linksky is highly priced for the compitition but still provides with some extra features and impressive long and short range.The file transfer rate of Linksky WRT1900AC was the fastest among all.This extra feature could be yours if you can spend to buy it up.This also provides up with very good gaming experience.Router6

#7 D-Link DIR-880L

Providing the top notch speed,range and the user interface D-Link DIR-880L is the best but with some downsides that are very minor it lets it down in the list.Connecting to the network was not that great as the antennas were to be setteled several times before we can get up the connection.That was the only downside of D-Link DIR-880L otherwise its great deal at $165.One more feature that you get in it that it can also be used for gaming purposes and is a strong alternate to D-Link DIR-890L/R in that purpose.Router7

#8 Netgear

Nighthawk R700:Nearly about $200 Nighthawk R700 is the second highly priced router in the list.It provides with great speed but the interface is very laggy.Still apart from that it provides good range and connection capabilities.Router8

#9 TP Link TL-WDR3600

Excellent value product for those who can spend about $50 as it is priced near about that only.It can operate on both the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands and it also includes two USB 2.0 ports for sharing an external hard drive or printers.These much features at such a price is definately a great deal as along with features it also provide decent quality speed,range and connection.Router9

#10 Netgear’s R6220

With some surprising quality and features in budget at about $59 this is a great product that you could ever get as it packs inside with USB 2.0 and a transmission switch to turn the connection on or off.It also provides good speed and range and the overall performance that you will get will be much more for casual usage at home.router 10


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In the above list are the best routers in 2017 that you could consider to buy as these products provide much good performance than all the other routers that you could see in the market.We has tested these Routers to ensure that you buy the exact products which will ensure the great performance that you could need for flourishing your home with that amazing network strength.So you can read up the list and buy up the products that will definately amaze you with the performance you are going to get.



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