Both WhatsApp and Messenger were owned by the same company – Meta (formerly Facebook), allowing users to exchange text messages. If we talk about Messenger, the messaging platform, it allows you to communicate with your Facebook friends.

Just like WhatsApp, Messenger also supports text formatting options. If you rely on Messenger for communication, you might have seen your friends use fancy fonts on the chat. Have you ever wondered how that is possible?

On Facebook Messenger, you can send messages by applying the Italic, Bold, or Monospaced text formatting options. Not only that, but Messenger also allows you to send a block of code in the Messages. Hence, if you want to format text in Messenger, read the right guide. Here’s how you format text in Messenger.

Send Bold, Italics, or Monospaced Text Messages in Messenger

Important: You can use the text formatting on the Messenger app, but the effects will only show up on the web version of Messenger. The mobile app of Messenger won’t show the text effects.

1) How to Make texts Bold in Messenger

If you want to add bold text to Messenger, you need to type an asterisk (*) before and after the text.

asterisk (*) before and after the text

Applying the Bold text formatting option can make your essential words more visible. As soon as you enter the asterisk symbol at the start and end of the text, Messenger will automatically format the text into Bold.

asterisk (*) before and after the text

2) Strikethrough your Message

Just like WhatsApp, Messenger also allows you to send strikethrough messages. The strikethrough texts represent correction in a sentence.

Strikethrough your Message

You can apply the Strikethrough text formatting to indicate that the text is no longer valid. To strikethrough your message on Messenger, you need to type a tilde (~) on both sides of the text.

Strikethrough your Message

For example ~This message is no longer valid~

3) Send Italic Text in Messenger

You need to apply the italic formatting option if you want to highlight specific names or phrases in a message.

Send Italic Text in Messenger

To italicize text in Messenger, you must put the text between underscore (_) and hit the Send button. For example _Welcome to the Techviral_

Send Italic Text in Messenger

4) Monospace Text in Messenger

A Monospace is a font where the letters and characters occupy the same horizontal space. You can use the Monospace text formatting option to make your text easier to read.

To use the Monospace text formatting, you must type a backtick (`) before and after the text.

Monospace Text in Messenger

For example – `Hi! Welcome to the Techviral`

Monospace Text in Messenger

5) Send Block of Code in Messenger

Not many would know, but Messenger also allows sending blocks of codes. To send a block of code in Messenger, you need to paste the code in between three backticks (“`)

paste the code in between three backticks (```)

For example:

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
// printf() displays the string inside quotation
printf("Hello, Welcome to the Techviral");
return 0;

Hello, Welcome to the Techviral command

How to Write Bold and Italics in Facebook Posts?

If you want to create a Facebook post and highlight a text, you can make the text bold or italics.

The easiest way to bold or italicize text on Facebook is by using text generator tools or apps. Below, we have shared the easiest way to bold text on Facebook posts.

1. First, type in the post that you want to share. Once done, copy the text.

copy the text

2. Next, head to this webpage and paste your copied text.

paste your copied text

3. You will find many font variants on the right side. You must copy the one you want to use on the Facebook post.


4. Simply copy the Facebook stylish font and paste it on your ‘What’s on your mind’ field of Facebook. Once done, share the status.

share the status

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to Write Bold and Italics in Facebook posts. You can also use other bold text generators to generate stylish text for your Facebook account.

So, these are the best ways to format text in Messenger. Like Messenger, you can send italic, bold, or Monospaced text in WhatsApp. Besides that, Youtube allows writing comments in Bold, Italics, or Strikethrough. If you need more help formatting text messages in Facebook Messenger, let us know in the comments.


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