It is not normal to have security breaches that affect across multiple operating systems. Recently, a severe bug was discovered in Broadcom’s Wi-Fi chips that were used in various Android smartphones from various makers and even the iPhone models as well.

Warning! This Bug Affects Millions of Android and iOS Devices

It is not normal to have security breaches that affect across multiple operating systems. They are usually associated with the system and its implementation, therefore they are unique.

But these situations happen and always have a great impact. Broadpwn is the latest flaw and is affecting both Android and iOS devices, bringing serious problems for both the operating systems.

Broadpwn is a breakthrough that has been discovered recently and that is leaving exposed both the iPhone and the vast majority of Android smartphones. Its origin is a problem reported in Broadcom’s BCM43xx Wi-Fi chips, which equip these devices.

The full list of Broadpwn-affected devices is not known yet, but the Broadcom chip is present in most of the top Android smartphones as well as the iPhone.

If exploited, this vulnerability allows remote attackers to gain access to the targeted devices and, without any need for user intervention, may steal data from such equipment and perform other unwanted operations.

The tech giant Google has already tried to resolve the flaw by including this fix in its latest security update, released a few days ago. It is now necessary that the brands make it available for their equipment and thus protect the users.

On the tech giant Apple side there is still no information on the exposure of users to Broadpwn and neither is expected for the next few days any update of iOS to fix it.

This is not the first transverse fault that affects these equipments. As a rule, and in the desktop universe, these failures are associated with software, but in the case of mobile devices, the only common point is the hardware, where Broadpwn is present.

So, what do you think about this new flaw? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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