Crash Friend’s Skpye With A Single Message

Today we are here with the discussion on the Skype Bug That Crash It With A Single Message. This bug is recently found and according to which skype can be crashed with a single message that will need re-installation of it. As few days before we had discussed about the Crash Any iPhone Using A Simple Text MessageIn this case iphone was going to restart again and again, similarly in this skype bug when the message get arrived in the chat the skpe apps goes on no. of loops and finally crashes and there will be a need to re-install the app to use it again. just read out the below to proceed.

Bug In Skype Crashes It With A Simple Message

Bug In Skype Crashes It With A Simple Message
Bug In Skype Crashes It With A Simple Message

As skype is a very popular network for video calling and sms chatting, now is affected by a single bug in it which badly crashes the app and after that user have to re-install the app to access that app. This bug get actives when it receive a simple string method in the chat list.

Message To Crash Skype


So you just have to send http://: to your friend’s skype and his/her skype will get crashes.

This is the 7 bit string message which when arrived in the chat completely halt the skype, put it into the number of loops and finally the app gets crash and need a install again. This method is workable in all the OS like android, windows, Mac Ios and any other. And both in Pc app and mobile app.

This problem is actually reported in skype community in which it is found that this bug is not found in window 8.1’s skype inbuilt app.

So this is all about the Bug In Skype Crashes It With A Simple MessageSo to overcome this users must delete the respective http://: message from their chat list and even older version of skype can be helpful here. Hope you like our discussion, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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