Let’s have a look at the method to disable the recycle bin in your Windows using some system settings that will help you to permanently delete the files from your PC when you try to delete anything using the delete button. So have a look at the complete tutorial below.

All of you are very much familiar with Windows Recycle Bin, In your computer when you accidentally erase any file then you utterly go to the recycle bin and restore that file and relapse back in your internal storage. You all must be using this for very long time but what if you don’t want to use this feature as sometimes you want to permanently delete the files and don’t see them in the Recycle Bin.

Actually, these files are easily get pointed out. Yesterday my little brother was using his laptop and when I ask him for the laptop he quickly deleted some files but that was without using the shift button I was confident I can get it in the recycle bin. But I was surprised as there was nothing in the recycle bin even the Recycle Bin was not there on the desktop. even after accessing the recycle bin from the explorer, I found nothing. So I ask him how he did that then he told me the method by which he was able to disable the Recycle Bin in his WIndows so that files can get permanently deleted.

That made me realize that y brother is smart enough to do such trick things and then I decide to write the same guide for my techviral visitors so that they can also get to know about the method that they can use to disable the recycle Binn and can permanently delete files. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Delete or Hide the Recycle Bin in Windows 7, 8, or 10

The method is quite simple and straight and you just need to follow the step by step methods to proceed so that you can disable the feature and can hide the recycle bin from the windows desktop also.

1. Disabling the Recycle Bin So That All Files Can Get Permanently Deleted

In this, you will be disabling the recycle bin option in your Windows so that OS can skip the recycle bin and files can directly get deleted from the Windows.

  1. First of all, you need to disable the recycle bin usage functionality in your Windows PC and for that, you just need to right-click on the Recycle bin icon on your desktop and then choose the option “properties“.How To Disable Recycle Bin From Windows
  2. Now a dialog box will appear where you will see two radio buttons and there you need to tick on the “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted.”How To Disable Recycle Bin From Windows
  3. Now simply click on the apply and then ok and you will see the dialog box will get disappear and settings will e saved. You can test one file deletion and that will go right away deleted from your Windows.

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2. Removing the Recycle Bin From Desktop So That No One Can Access It

Now you need to remove the icon of Recycle Bin from the Windows Desktop as anyone can directly access it and you may not want that thing to happen so below are the steps that you need to follow to make the recycle bin icon hide from the desktop screen.

  1. For this in your Windows 10 pc you need to browse to the option “Personalization -> Themes -> Desktop icon settings” and this will open the desktop icons that are permanently there in the desktop. And you will also see the recycling bin there.How To Disable Recycle Bin From Windows
  2. Simply uncheck the icon and save the settings and exit the dialog box and now you will see that the recycle bin will not be there on the desktop so no one can come and access directly recycle bin from your desktop.

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Accessing the Recycle Bin After Disabling It From Desktop

After disabling the recycle bin from Desktop most of the users don’t know how they can access the recycle bin. So for that, you simply need to open the explorer of your windows and simply click on the recycle bin icon at the left corner, if that is not there simply type recycle bin the in the location bar and click enter. You will now see the recycle bin directory of your Windows PC

How To Disable Recycle Bin From Windows

So the above guide is all about how you can disable the recycle bin in Windows PC and then hide the recycle bin icon. Implement the guide using the step by step tutorial discussed above and you can easily get rid of the people spying on your privacy. Hope you like the guide, Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this as the techviral team will always be there to assist you.


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