Now you can Drag & Drop Photos on Your iPhone in iOS 11 using the simple and easy method that will help you to easily store and delete data on your ios device. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]i[/dropcap]Phone users always had the issue of adding the media content to their devices, the sharing features, and the file management is lacking all inside the software of these devices. Although it is not that bad comparatively if checked with the other major platforms then it is really behind them all. iOS 11 has arrived and it has been a long time it was launched. Inside the iOS 11, the apple has implemented such a great feature related to the file management and especially the photos management, now the users could be able to drag and drop the files or the photos from one folder to the other. Theoretically, it might feel to be hard to achieve this feature because there is no certain way to get that. In reality, the Apple has made it possible, and so the users can even get their hands on this feature. While this is the new feature in the market and even in the Apple devices so the probable number of users would find it difficult to use it, or many users would not be knowing the way to use it. To help all those users to know about the drag and drop feature inside the iOS 11 we have written the whole procedure under this post. If you are also on this page to know about the working of drag and drop way so that you would be able to transfer your photos to other folders easily then please read up on this article!

Drag & Drop Photos on Your iPhone in iOS 11

The method is quite simple and straight and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps To Drag & Drop Photos on Your iPhone in iOS 11:

#1 The very first step is to choose the image or the photo that you wish to transfer or drop to the other folders. You can locate the images from any of the folders like your camera album, or anywhere else. Now after choosing your image, you need to long press on it, but be sure that you do not press it too much for more time because this can launch the Peek 3D touch action.

Drag & Drop Photos on Your iPhone in iOS 11
Drag & Drop Photos on Your iPhone in iOS 11

#2 Now as you have long pressed the image file this will drag the image from the position and then after that, you can drop it anywhere on any other album. You can scroll down to the other folders or albums in the place, therefore, you can place your selected files or images easily inside that. Simply dropping the file will paste your file in that particular folder.

Drag & Drop Photos on Your iPhone in iOS 11

#3 This is the way through which moving files have become really easy, and it would be really appreciated if the same feature can be also included for the other types of files and folders. Moreover, there should be a file manager which must be having this amazing function for the controlling of file placements. Overall this new addition is really awesome and you will surely like it.

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Yeah! This is the end of the post and even the end of the method through which you can be able to drag and drop the files to the other folders inside your iPhone device running on the iOS 11. After all this, you probably would be able to control this all-new function on your device without any issues, while for the users those who still have the problems with it must read and apply the method carefully. Yet for any further instance, we shall be always there to help you guys, just go to the comments section and paste about your issues. Also, you can write about your opinions regarding the post in this article. Do tend to share this article with others so that we can reach our work to many people!


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