Those days are gone when people used to buy paperbacks or hardcover books for reading. These days, people read text-based content on electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

The ebooks you download online will be in ePub or PDF format. Although PDF file formats were easy to open and view, things are different for EPUB file extensions. You need a dedicated ePub reader to open the .epub file extension.

.epub file extension is a popular file format, and it’s mainly used for storing eBooks and other types of content. The good thing about the ePub file format is that it can store words, images, fonts, stylesheets, metadata details, and a table of contents.

This format is good to read, but it’s not suitable for printing. So, if you want to print the .epub file format, you must first convert it into a PDF. As of now, there are many PDF Converters available on the web that can convert ePub to a PDF file format.

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12 Best EPUB to PDF Converter Software for Windows

Hence, this article will list some of the best ePub to PDF Converter software for Windows. You can easily convert your ePub files into PDFs with these free tools. Let’s check out.

1. Talkhelper


Talkhelper is a full-fledged PDF Converter available for the Windows operating system. With Talkhelper, you can convert PDF to other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, etc.

It also supports EPUB File format and allows you to convert your .epub file extensions into a PDF in just a few clicks.

Other than that, Talkhelper can also split, merge, and Extract Pages from PDF files.

2. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions

Well, Adobe Digital Editions is not a PDF converter. Still, it’s a free eReader that allows you to experience your books in the most optimum format across PC, Mac, mobile devices, and tablets.

With Adobe Digital Editions, you can download or purchase ePub ebooks and convert them into PDFs for universal viewing and printing. However, you can’t sideload ePub files on the program.

3. Calibre


Calibre serves as a one-stop solution for all your Ebook needs. It is a full-fledged ebook manager app that you can have on your PC. The good thing is that Calibre is entirely free and open source.

It offers you many document conversion options. For example, you can convert an ebook to PDF or PDF to a .epub. It also has a portable version that requires no installation.

4. PDFMate eBook Converter

PDFMate eBook Converter

If you are searching for a lightweight tool to convert eBooks from Kindle, Adobe, Kobo, Nook, and other sites, look for PDFMate eBook Converter.

It’s a professional tool to convert eBooks from various sites. With PDFMate eBook Converter, you can easily convert .epub files into PDF Formats.

It also supports 24 different input formats, such as PRC, HTMLZ, DOCX, and more. Besides that, a Batch Conversion feature allows you to convert the entire eBook collection in a single click.

5. Cisdem EPUB to PDF

Cisdem EPUB to PDF

Cisdem EPUB to PDF is a PDF converter for PC with an OCR feature. The OCR feature can easily detect PDF texts and convert them into different formats.

The PDF converter program can convert your PDF into virtually any document file, such as PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, etc. Also, it can be used to convert EPUB files into PDFs.

6. Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate is basically an eBook converter that works across any eBook format. It can decrypt and convert almost all eBook files from Adobe, Kindle, Google eBooks, etc.

It also has an advanced converter that can convert any eBook format. You can easily convert EPUB, MOBI, and PDF file formats. The EPUB to PDF converting speed is pretty fast as well.

7. Icecream PDF Converter

Icecream PDF Converter

Icecream PDF Converter could be the perfect choice if you are searching for a lightweight PDF converter for a PC. The PDF converter program for PC is 100% free to download and supports over 20+ file formats.

You can use Icecream PDF Converter to convert PDF format and vice versa in bulk. The eBooks to PDF converter programs offer you various options, one of which is to convert EPUB documents into PDF.

You also get other PDF conversion options, such as converting PDF files to image format, RTF, HTML, etc.

8. Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement

If you are willing to spend on a PDF converter, then Wondershare PDFelement offers a very useful thing. Wondershare PDFelement is a fast premium software that provides an easy way to edit, convert, and sign PDF files.

While Wondershare PDFelement can be downloaded for free, most of its features are locked behind a paywall. So, to unlock the full potential of PDFelement, you can consider purchasing its premium version.

The premium version of Wondershare PDFelement unlocks all file formats, and you can easily convert your EPUB documents into PDF. The Wondershare PDFelement app is also available for Android and iOS.

9. DRS Softech EPUB Converter

DRS Softech EPUB Converter

DRS Softech EPUB Converter is a full-fledged ePUB converter program for PC that converts eBooks (EPUB) into PDF, document, or any other text or image-based formats.

It’s a standalone utility that handles eBooks formats very well. It’s fully compatible with various document formats such as Kindle, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XPS, etc.

However, no full premium version of the DRS Softech EPUB Converter is available. You can use the demo version that puts a watermark on every page. Or else, you can purchase its premium version to unlock all features and remove the watermarks.

10. Using Online PDF Editors

Using Online PDF Editors

Many online PDF editors are available on the web that can convert ePub files into a PDF format. You must upload your Epub file and set PDF as an output format on such websites.

The file you will upload will be converted into a PDF document in no time. We have shared a list of the best free online PDF editors. You can check those websites to convert your ePub file extensions into PDFs.

11. Aryson EPUB Converter

Aryson EPUB Converter

Aryson EPUB Converter is a very effective & easy to use PC software for converting EPUB files to PDF format. With this tool, you can easily convert your EPUB files into various documents & image formats.

As of now, Aryson EPUB Converter supports converting EPUB files into document formats like DOC, PDF, DOCX, TXT, and XPS. Also, the tool supports bulk selecting & conversion options.

12. Cigati PDF Document Converter

Cigati PDF Document Converter

Cigati PDF Document Converter is meant to convert PDF files, but it also works fine for converting EPUB files into PDF. Basically, the PC tool can convert your PDF files into several file formats like DOC, DOCX, HTML, MOBI, TIFF, TXT, PPT, etc.

Also, the tool supports saving multiple PDF files into ebook file formats like MOBI and EPUB. Some other features of Cigati PDF Document Converter include Batch file conversion, different image quality options, etc.

Converting ePub files into PDF is easy; you must use the right tools. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comment box below.


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