In recent times, the social media giant Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating new features into its app, Messenger app and as well as to its web platform. Now, according to the latest reports, the social network giant Facebook add this awesome new feature to its Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger To Get This Awesome New Feature

The social network giant Facebook to add an awesome new feature to its well-known instant messaging application, of course, I am talking about none other than the Messenger. Yes, the largest social network Facebook to add the most used and anticipated “Dark Mode” feature to its messenger application.

However, this is not the first time that the rumors regarding the arrival of Dark Mode to Facebook Messenger. But, according to the latest reports, some evidence clearly convincing enough to consider this possibility in one of the most popular applications for Android and iOS.

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Moreover, it is expected that this new feature may finally arrive at the stable version of this app for both the well-known platforms, Android and iOS. But, the most interesting thing is that the well-known Messenger of Facebook itself had already confirmed its interest in the development of the “dark mode”.

As the well-known blogger, Jane Manchun Wong recently confirmed this news through her Twitter profile. Jane in her profile clearly mentioned that the possible aspect of Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger is currently being tested.

Hence, according to all these reports, soon we will see this most used feature reaching a limited number of users initially. As for now, the Dark Mode feature is being tested in some countries around the world by Facebook as a standard procedure which is usual in the test phases.

While now if we talk about the design and layout, then let me clarify that the implementation of the Dark Mode feature on Messenger will not change anything regarding its layout and design. In short, everything will remain the same on both the platforms, of course, Android and iOS.

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As the entire user interface (UI) of Messenger will simply adopt a new gradient between black to white with the all-new Dark Mode feature. Now if we talk about its arrival then let me clarify that currently, we don’t have any exact date, hence, to know more simply we have to wait for the end of the testing phase. But, usually, all these features generally arrives just after the end of the testing phase.

Moreover, at this moment the social network giant Facebook clearly warned all the beta users that this new function is not yet complete, hence, it may show some instabilities. So, what do you think about this new Dark Mode feature for Messenger? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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