EaseUS Data Recovery: Software To Restore Deleted Files
EaseUS Data Recovery: Software To Restore Deleted Files

There are lots of heart rendering situation you have to face daily. I would like to discuss one of them i.e. when you lose your important data or your photos, videos accidently. Sometimes you feel very helpless when you are not able to retrieve your complete data back. 

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]was also facing the similar situation when one of my friends accidently formatted my hard disk. After doing some research, I found out the best solution through which we can resolve almost every data loss problem. I am going to introduce you the best data recovery software in the market.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional:

It is the best data recovery software in the market as this will help you to recover your data deleting, formatting, partition loss, OS crash or virus attacking and gets you out of your misery. This recovery software also helps you to recover from almost any kind of storage device i.e. portable hard drives, media players and now this recovery software is also available in the form app in phones. Both Android and IOS user can have access to this application and can recover their data easily.  If you have formatted accidently then don’t you worry with the help of this recovery software, you can easily recover your data from the partition that have been formatted or lost or even hidden partitions.

If you have also deleted your files without any backup and data is also lost from recycle bins or servers. It recovers your files from PC/Laptop/servers very quickly. It also recovers data from the inaccessible part of your hard disk or raw hard drive, raw partition and partition loss. It is a very easy but a powerful data recovery wizard. As it has two different type of scan mode included in it i.e. quick scan and deep scan. A deep scan will help you to recover from that part of your hard disk that is hidden or inaccessible as it was also obvious by the name as well. EaseUS data recovery wizard is 100 percent safe to use and it will not overwrite your original data.

One of the fascinating features you will find in this software is that the option of a preview. You can specify your file type before scanning then you can restrict your filter search by also specifying the name/type/data so you can retrieve your data more easily and this ensure better recovery results.  If your data is stored on system disk then data recovery wizard with bootable is the best option as it is much safer to recover deleted files in case of secondary data damage.

How to use this recovery wizard:

  • The first step to recover your data is to first launch the program and then select the specific type of file type you wanted to recover.
  • In the second step select the disk from which you have to recover the data and select the scan option.
  • Now you only have to select the recovery option to get your data back safely.

Download Link: Click Here

I will highly recommend you to try this software for once as it has a very user-friendly interface. If you are non-tech type person, still you can operate this. By following only three steps, you can easily recover your precious data back.


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