Get OnePlus 5-Like Reading Mode on Any Android Device

Time to Get OnePlus 5-Like Reading Mode on Any Android Device with the help of simple implementation that will give you an amazing experience of this new cool feature. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Oneplus has become one of the best smartphone vendors in really short time. This killer brand has only a few devices but each device got a huge response from the users. Again the Oneplus have come up with its another device named Oneplus 5 that have launched recently. This flagship device has tons of new features and some of these are really amazing. One best new feature of this device is the Reading Mode that enables the whole device to become optimized for the reading purposes. The grayscale mapping, as well as bluish light tint, add to the screen making the display good enough for long readings. Now as we are talking about this feature only for the Oneplus 5 device, then it is all clear that this feature isn’t there on other devices by default. The custom UI of this device is embedded with this Reading Mode feature and all other devices with different UI or only the stock OS wouldn’t be availing this feature. This incredible feature cannot make its way to other devices until the developers make the update, but certainly, there are some other ways of enforcing any Android device with the Reading Mode. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the Reading Mode similar to the Oneplus 5 can be availed on any Android device. Just read this whole article of you wish to invite about that particular method!

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How to Get OnePlus 5-Like Reading Mode on Any Android Device

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to use developers setting to enable this feature in your device as it is pre built on Android devices and you can activate it there. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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Steps to Get OnePlus 5-Like Reading Mode on Any Android Device:

#1 First of all, we have to enable the Developers option in the Android device before proceeding further in the method. The reason is that the Reading Mode feature is subtly available inside those options only but with some different name. Basically, you could say that the feature was available in Android from previous versions only but it was salient hidden inside the developer’s options.

#2 To enable the Developers option that is generally not available directly, go to the Android Settings and find the About Phone settings from there. Mostly it is present at the bottom of the settings screen. So after finding this option click on it and you will reach the another screen. The appearing screen will also consist of few options, Build Number will be the one among these. Read it carefully, you require to tap simultaneously 7-8 times on this Build Number text which will unhide the Developers options.

Get OnePlus 5-Like Reading Mode on Any Android Device
Get OnePlus 5-Like Reading Mode on Any Android Device

#3 After enabling the developer option to go inside it through tapping on it. Look for the Simulate color space settings inside it. Click it and then select the Monochromacy as your preference!

Get OnePlus 5-Like Reading Mode on Any Android Device
Get OnePlus 5-Like Reading Mode on Any Android Device

#4 Now your device screen will get the grayscale effect similar to that of Reading Mode on Oneplus 5. This function can be disabled by setting the Simulate color space preference to Disabled through the above settings only.

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Although this option is easy enough it is not that convenient to work with because the enabling and disabling requires a lot of work. The fluency could be achieved by using the third party app like Twilight that introduces the similar screen effects like that of Reading Mode.

So this was the about the method by which any Android device can grasp the Reading Mode feature of Oneplus 5. As through this article, you might have got that the method can be easily implemented and any average user can perform out quickly. Although the method is easy enough but still if any user gets the issues related to it then we can help them solve it out. They just need to share their issues in the comments section below for that! Also, you can share your opinions regarding the article through the comments section.



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