According to the latest reports, the tech giant Google has just launched its brand new music application, yes, finally it has launched its own Spotify. Basically, it is a new streaming service for the music videos of the platform, of course, YouTube.

Google Just Launched Its Own Spotify

The giant video platform, of course, YouTube has just launched its brand new music application which is known as YouTube Music, a new streaming service for the music videos of the platform, and has renamed its YouTube Red payment platform, which becomes known as YouTube Premium.

YouTube Music is a mobile application that can be “streaming” between the YouTube music catalogue and includes official songs, video clips, live performances and playlists, as explained by the tech giant Google through a statement.

The new application will be launched today in the United States and four other countries, to which will be added to 14 European countries. It will have a free version and a paid version without advertising and downloads for a price of $9.99 per month.

In addition, YouTube has also decided to modify the name of its subscription service and its own content in streaming YouTube Network, which is now called YouTube Premium, and which will integrate the services of the paid part of YouTube Music.

YouTube Premium, which will have a monthly cost of $11.99, will be launched “soon” and will be available in new countries that its predecessor Network had not reached, according to the company.

Music in the video

YouTube has also presented the new tool ‘Music in the video’, which is shown in the videos when accessing the ‘Show more’ tab and that includes information about the artist and the topic even in the videos created by Youtubers, such as Google has explained through its official site.

The function, which is already shown in more than 500 million videos of the platform, aims to “offer greater recognition and exposure” to musical artists, according to the tech giant Google.

It shows data about the song as the artist, the record labels and links to the official channel and the music video of the song.

Through proprietary technology for Content ID creators and alliances with record companies, the giant video platform, of course, YouTube is able to automatically identify both the topics that appear in both video clips and songs added to videos created by the users themselves.

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