Google has listed some new options that will let you remove your Personal Information from search results like your passwords, phone number, and physical address by sending a request.

Recently, Google has introduced the new ‘Data Safety’ option on its Google Play, and it also explains data collection procedures from the users. Now, another safety feature for Google search.

This doxxing content removal feature was already present by the search engine leader Google. Still, now its priority has increased with evolving internet, and the company is being more serious about privacy and adding more types of information removal.

Users Can Now Ask Google for Personal Info Removal

Users Can Now Ask Google for Personal Info RemovalMainly it is important to keep your sensitive and personal information private if it goes on the internet with your tags; it might not be safe for you cause it will lead your info to even physical harm, or it can be tracked & misuse by scammers.

And, If someone else features any of your information like your address that can lead anyone to your home, you can quickly request Google to remove its search results.

In the past, You could request only the removal of your Card number, Bank account details, and images of handwritten signatures, but it also now covers personal phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, images of ID documents, and login credentials.

After Google approves your request, the URL will disappear from the search results containing sensitive information like Card no, Bank account details, or legal documents. The URL containing suspicion information will not appear like your name or other such identifiers details.

Google New Removal feature can remove search & find websites
sample of detail sharing websites

The Verge reached out to Google spokesperson Ned Adriance to ask about it can also remove the info from such websites like search and find all details about the person with a subscription.

And he said, “If we can verify that such links contain personally identifiable information, there is no other content on the webpage that may be of public interest, and we receive a request to remove those URLs, we will do so, assuming they meet our requirements”.

In this process, Google will sincerely review policy violates. Then they will take action and not limit the availability of other helpful information in the public interest or provided by the Government.

You can also request the removal of the deep fakes or Photoshops that shows your similarity. You can also read the official statements and procedures to request removal.


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