InShortViral: For the Californian giant, it is not so much to compete with Whatsapp, Messenger and WeChat than saving his model.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the Californian giant, it is not so much to compete with Whatsapp, Messenger and WeChat than saving his model.

Google would work on developing a new instant messaging application to counter the influence of Whatsapp, Messenger and Snapchat, revealed Tuesday, the website Wall Street Journal. The service offered by Google would discuss with his friends but also ask questions to a “chatbot” who would undertake to find answers on the internet.

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Google Secretly Developing a Messaging App To Compete Facebook, Whatsapp

IM services are among the most popular mobile applications with nearly 2 billion users according to a recent study. But Google Hangouts, the module offered by Google, has never found its audience. The number of users of Hangouts is well below that of the two flagship applications of Facebook, Whatsapp and the service Tencent Holdings WeChat, very popular in China.

Failures and Google+ Hangouts

While its competitors are beginning to add new features to their email services including WeChat allows users to book tickets online or pay their bills Google intends to offer a little more than a tool to engage in line. According to the Wall Street Journal, the California company would plan to introduce a “chatbot” which it would be possible to ask questions. The robot then would seek the answer via the Google search engine and “other sources” which we do not yet know the nature.

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The company did not say when it had run the application or what would be its name, refusing for now to comment. The operation is at high risk for Google after the failures of Google Hangouts or its social network Google+. Especially since, as well explains the Wall Street Journal, there is no guarantee that a new instant messaging application would experience more success. Users start to use an email application primarily because they know someone else who uses the newspaper – which has specifically failed to Google+ Hangouts or Google.

Google would work on the improvement of this application for at least one year, according to the US daily.

Change Model

Such an application would within it the seeds of a true model shift for the giant new technologies. Instead of going through the traditional search engine, users now would go directly to the “chatbots” their email to find the answer to their question. A small revolution became necessary before the “bots” developed by other mail applications will gradually replace the search engine as number 1 search engine in the minds of smartphone users.

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The system of questions and answers would also offer more opportunities in terms of artificial intelligence. With indications provided by the user during his interaction with the chatbot, the application would be better able to target his interlocutor. And to propose more refined answers. Thus, a person allergic, which has indicated, will be offered suitable restaurants, etc. A no ambitious side but necessary.