We all know very well that the tech giant Google is already under pressure from lawmakers and the public to simply take down all the false news from its platform. Now, according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google will now not show the news from the sites that hide their country of origin.

Google Won’t Show News From Sites That Hide Their Country Of Origin

False news circulating on the internet for a long time, but this practice has become more dangerous with the popularization of social networks. In them, it is increasingly becoming much difficult for many people to differentiate which are legitimate contents and which are fictitious. That’s why Facebook and Google decided to act: both will ban the companies to display advertisements on pages that disseminate false information.

If the problem is so old, why only now that decision was made? By pressure. Both the social network giant Facebook and the tech giant Google spent the last few times getting criticism for being, in a way, lax in combating false content.

The final straw came with the Donald Trump’s election for the presidency of the United States. Several groups of political and social engagement believe false news have benefited the candidate.

Perhaps not a very thorough study can confirm that the false news on the Internet has helped Donald Trump to be elected, but the chances that this has happened are really great, especially with regard to Facebook: it is estimated that 44 % of US citizens use a social network to find and read the news.

The social network giant Facebook and the tech giant Google both have tried to disentangle the charges, of course. As the Mark Zuckerberg itself came to manifest saying that 99% of Facebook’s content is legitimate. But seeing that it would not be enough, the two companies left for a stronger decision (although Google has stated that the measure was being drawn up long ago): ad blocking on false news pages.

Currently, there are companies that worry about the false news and of course, it makes perfect sense, since they invade us while we see real news on the web as in a social network, something already quite common, but that in the case of the social network giant Facebook is already starting to take matters to end the false news.

The tech giant Google has already activated their “Fast Check” something that really is quite positive, since, we can identify false news. Now, along with these tech giants, the tech giant Microsoft also adds something new to combat the problems of False News.

However, now to strengthen the rope the tech giant Google just updated its news guidelines simply to ban all the websites that simply hide their country of origin or the websites that are aimed at people in another country under fake bases.

As according to the reports, a Russian website is already trying to pretend itself as an American news outlet. Hence, beware, do not fall into the trap of that fake medium which is pretending itself as American news outlet.

A spokeswoman of the tech giant Google explained that “the tech giant Google has to update its policies to reflect a constantly changing web, and that means ensuring that people can understand and see where their news online is coming from.”

There is nothing new and secret that why the tech giant Google is executing another security measure to simply take down on duplicitous news sites. As we all know very well that the tech giant Google is already under pressure from lawmakers and the public to do more in light of Russian attempts simply to influence the 2016 US presidential election. However, here’s the question is whether or not the tech giant Google will be effective at spotting sites that hide their nation of origin.

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