Google has been spotted testing a new feature for its ‘Nearby Share‘ to make it more enhanced than its competitor AirDrop.

The company is also working on its Android 13, and its leaks have shown a lot of new features which Android 13 supported devices are going to get in the future.

Google’s new “Self Share” feature for Android users was noticed by a development reviewer Mishaal Rahman from Esper.

Android Will Soon Get a ‘Self Share’ Feature that Makes Sharing Easier

Android Will Soon Get a 'Self Share' Feature that Makes Sharing Easier

Earlier, Google was noticed to test a new “Self Share” mode for Nearby Share on Chrome OS, and now it appears that the company is also planning to introduce this Nearby Share feature for Android users too.

According to Mishaal Rahman’s post on Twitter, The new Nearby Share’s self-share feature will give users the ability to share files with their other devices that hold your same Google account sign-in. The best thing about this feature is you don’t need approval from other devices to share.

Currently, if you send a file through Nearby Share, even if the receiving device is your own, it requires approval for the procedure first.

As you can see in the above screenshot how this feature will look like and there are also mentioned about the approval. Mishaal also suggested that this feature hasn’t been rolled out yet, but the self-share mode is currently available on the latest version of Google Play Services.

Google might soon make Nearby Share’s Self-Share mode available on both Android and Chrome OS because it has been a year since its first appearance while it was testing on the Chrome OS.

Recently, Mishaal Rahman also detailed about the Motion Mode is not supported in the upcoming Google Pixel 6a. If you also want to use Nearby Share on your Android device, you can check out this easy tutorial.


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