The GTA V is one of the famous game out there today, and few researchers worked together for about 4 years to find a secret mystery The Mount Chiliad Mystery. The whole thing is about a location in the GTA V where no body has gone till now.

Hackers Claimed To Have Found an Alien Life Mission In GTA 5 Online

Grand Theft Auto V contains a lot of clues to aliens and other mysteries actually being a part of the game-world. The game’s opening mission frozen extraterrestrial has all the alien sites, and aliens have even appeared in the mission. But now players have discovered a lot of mysteries in the game which was previously remain unfolded.

Aliens in GTA V

In the mission, we get to see a UFO, an alien egg and a jetpack. But the theory is that this takes you to play a mission in the game which will unlock the mission. We can easily say that the Chiliad Mystery community is getting one step closer day by day to getting there.

Here a little video:

The mission is a pretty simple we just have to supply and run the mission, The players in this mission needs to deliver different objects from one place to another. But here, the object you need to deliver is an  Alien egg. The eggs can be seen at the UFO site, this is perhaps the most unknown and unheard level that we have seen in the GTA V online game.

W@e just have to wait and see whether this will be the final mission of the game GTA V when Rockstar actually launches it for real.

So, all GTA V lover’s whats your thought on this? tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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