How To Backup iPhone 2015

Here is tips to How To Backup iPhone 2015, Today everyone want to secure the data that belongs to them as it can be any photos,videos,songs and any of the documents and credentials as user can’t believe on electronic device or smartphone which can be damage anytime, So to keep our data safe we must make all the backup of your data. So in this post i will tell you the method about how to backup all iphone data to pc. By this you method you can easily secure all your data in your computer and if your iphone get damages then you will have alternative to retrieve all your data. Just follow the below article to backup iPhone data.

How To Backup iPhone

How To Backup iPhone
How To Backup iPhone

How To Backup iPhone

The only way to backup iphone content to Pc is through iTunes. By itunes you can take backup of all your  iphone and can access it whenever needed. Just follow the below steps to proceed.

  1. First of all download and install iTunes in your computer, if you don’t have itunes then downlaod it from here.
  2. Now connect you iphone with your computer using apple’s USB cable and wait for itunes to detect your iphone.
  3. Now when your iphone gets connected then open the passcode if any of your iphone as backup process will not starts until you unlock screen passcode of your iphone.
  4. Now open the backup section and select This computer there as it is to tell the itunes to backup the data in computer which will save icloud space.
  5. Now click on Backup Now button there and this will begin the backup process. If the button is grayed out, your iPhone is currently being syncing with iTunes.
  6. Now a popup can appear informing about backup of apps that are not in itunes library if you want to backup those apps click on backup apps.
  7. Now backup process will be strated and all our iphone data including images,videos,songs,apps and all other data will get backup in your pc as a single file.
  8. This file will get stored in itunes media folder and now you easily restore the file from there whenever needed.

So above is the method for How To Backup iPhone 2015By this way you can easily backup all your important data in your computer and whenever your iphone’s data gets deleted or get corrupted by anyways you can easily restore all your previous data with itunes. Hope you like the post,so don’t forget to share and leave a comment below if you face any problem at any step discussed above.


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