Google, known by everyone as the search giant, has recently launched its app called Google Cardboard camera. This app has features like taking panoramic images, VR pictures, and 3D effects that can change the meaning of simple Images.

Below we discussed the guide to help you better understand capturing VR photos using Google cardboard. So have a look at the complete guide below.

Firstly Get the Google Cardboard Official App to go for VR photo shooting.Google Cardboard Official App

Google Cardboard Camera vs. Panorama from other apps

The Google Cardboard Camera lets you capture panoramic pictures, but it’s different from usual Panorama pictures, which are static. The Google Cardboard Camera captures pictures that have 360-degree 3D attributes, depth, and sound.

The images taken through the Cardboard Camera app are also static, but because of its 3D effects, the pictures look real when viewed through Google Cardboard viewer. In this app, when you view the panoramic picture you captured, the far things look far while the near objects look near.

Learn to Take and View VR Pictures

First, open the app and then point the camera toward the target. After that, tap the capture button and start moving your phone slowly and steadily in the right direction until you reach the 360-degree angle.

Now the app will automatically stitch the images together to make the VR Picture. You can then see this panorama on your screen using a VR viewer.

How to view VR images using Google Cardboard Camera

First, open the google cardboard camera app and put the image in the viewer compartment.

After that, scroll in the gallery and select your image by aiming at it and then tapping the magnet button in the app. Now you can see your image on the screen; enjoy the experience with the sound you captured.

About the Google Cardboard Camera 3D effect

The pictures you shoot using your phone on the Google cardboard camera app will be modified by the app itself, and the app will transform the still image into one with a 3D look and feel.

The difference can be viewed and felt easily between the normal picture and the one you capture using Google Cardboard Camera.

So above was all about How to Use Google Cardboard Camera to Capture VR photos. With some of the great effects you get on the Google cardboard app, you can produce some great panaromas through this app. Just follow the above methods to take some beautiful pictures of the world.


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