Basically, if we talk about the current technologies then let me clarify one thing that currently we are in the age of automation. Hence, today in this article we will simply discuss about the differences between the two well-known automation platforms, of course, IFTTT and Zapier.

Zapier vs IFTTT: What’s the Difference?

Today in this post, you will find a brief explanation of the two main platforms that simply help us to connect all the applications for task automation, yes, of course, those two platforms are none other than the IFTTT and Zapier.

Basically, if we talk about the current technologies then let me clarify one thing that currently we are in the age of automation that increasingly digitize and automate our tasks. And for automated tasks and automation simply we should blame or thank the APIs.

But, what is API (Application Programming Interface)? Basically, API is an access point that the platforms make available to the programmers to use their functions and data in their own developments.

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Basically, large platforms create their own APIs simply to open themselves to the world of programmers. Hence, the investment to create and maintain an API was too big for “small platforms.

However, due to its spread today we should thank the facilities, standards and direct codes that exist, as the APIS are part of almost any development plan of any new Startup.

Why it is so advantageous for Startups?

As it simply allows independent thinkers to invest time and add functionalities to their projects. It is a bit of an overall vision, of global improvement. And For us, of course, it simply allows access to increasingly detailed products and better solutions; and not only that even it also work as a greater integration of all the technology in our lives.

We are talking about the advantage of having it for the possibility of automating tasks that go beyond the application or the platform. Yes, I am talking about the possibility of connecting with each other to get them to work together for the benefit of one.

Basically, the well-known automation platforms like IFTTT and Zapier act as intermediaries, hence, offering you the possibility of connecting applications and platforms through their APIs. But, now, it’s up to you that how the limits are set by your imagination.

As the things like “turn on the lights of your room when you receive a direct message on Twitter,” it could be quite crazy, but what if I say you all that no it may be possible for us to do so, yes, it may sound crazy but, it is true.

What is IFTTT?

Now let me start with the one that seems to be most widespread within the personal sphere. Yes, I am talking about none other than IFTTT, a well-known platform about which many of you might have heard on several occasions.

Basically, IFTTT is a platform that simply allows us to make connections between social networks and Internet services with a simple statement that automates new tasks.

This well-known platform contains the three most important things and the first one is the “ingredients” which simply allow us to customize the requirements that will launch a concrete action. The second one is the “recipes”, the name given to the combinations of “condition-reaction” that is established between sites. And the last one is the channels, which are the supported sites that we can interconnect where they also indicate the triggers and actions available for each of them.

Advantages of IFTTT

  • Very simple to use: In this platform, you will have only a few options available and you simply have to build the phrase “IF This Then That”.
  • It also has a free version: Basically, the free version is enough for us.
  • Available for mobile devices: It is the only one service among others that integrates with the palm of your hand. Yes, now you can not only automate your applications in the cloud but also with your mobile with recipes that make use of your SMS, your contact book, and your GPS.
  • Very widespread: It is almost impossible to see a Smartphone without this application installed or anyone who does not know about it.
  • Countless applications and supported platforms: It has the connection with so many platforms and applications that would simply surprise you.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a complete web tool that simply allows us to connect different applications together and automate our work processes. It has a free version and a paid version just like the well-known platform IFTTT.

Basically, with the free version, you can simply create up to 5 Zaps and 100 tasks. What is Zap? A Zap is a specific task that you can automate, or you can also say that it is an intermediary between a trigger and an action. For example, a Zap can have only one trigger, while a zap can have several actions.

While apart from IFTTT, the well-known Zapier is the most widespread platform among CEOs and CMOs from the United States.

How Zapier works?

Most web applications have an API (Application Programming Interfaces) an API is a formal specification about how a module of a software communicates or interacts with another. Let’s make more simple, basically, Zapier is an intermediary between two services like Gmail and Dropbox, what it does is act as an intermediary for its APIs.

Suppose, you have more than 500 applications connected to this service and for each application, you will simply have several triggers and actions which simply make your task much easier and allows you to have full control over those 500 applications.

So, we should simply thank the Zapier that simply let us configure a task so that each time we publish a new article on our blog, it will automatically be published on Facebook or on any other social network.

Advantages of Zapier

  • First of all, it has a freemium model: Yes, you can simply try it and later pay to have better features.
  • Greater flexibility: When creating the recipe it is more flexible, as it simply allows to add some custom fields and filters.
  • Maximum integration: Basically, it has endless applications supported and simply offers much more options than IFTTT.
  • It allows personalized Apps: If you are a developer, you can simply create your own integration with your platform.
  • Oriented for the business world: So, this is an advantage for business people with business objectives and needs.

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Now basically, it’s up to you, as you have to decide that which service suits you and your needs. As in Zapier, you will get much automation that will simply save your time but, IFTTT also has some extraordinary feature that Zapier won’t be able to provide you. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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