Instagram introduced a new feature that will let you purchase products from retailers on Instagram directly through the Chat section. But, this feature is only available for consumers and suppliers in the US.

This new feature covers all the parts of placing orders, such as tracking orders, questions to retailers, shipping and the effective payment procedure. Let’s delve into the details.

Instagram New Services Will Also Let You Track Your Orders

Instagram New Services Will Also Let You Track Your OrdersAs Meta-owned Instagram says, it believes in supporting creators and small businesses and coming up with complete e-commerce solutions for consumers and them.

This process will work as you start chatting with a qualified small business regarding your favorite product on their listing. After a discussion about pricing and all, the business will send you a payment link.

And the best part is that this link will not take you out of the platform, and your order is placed when payment is made. You will get all the details, such as tracking orders and billing.

As Meta’s report says, over 1 billion people send messages to a business in a week across all its platforms, so it is a good step that users won’t have left the app to make purchases.

Besides, you can also track your order directly from the Chat section, and as a support, you can chat with business. And there might also be the ability to cancel orders and submit refunds and returns.

We all know that Meta has its payment integration app named Meta Pay, so it will manage to collect payments and complete your purchases as the company mentioned, “Pay with Meta Pay and checkout in a few taps.”

After some months, we can also expect its expansion to other regions such as the UK, India, and Indonesia and also on Meta’s other platforms such as WhatsApp.


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