Recently, Intel unveiled a series of new ultra-fast processors. The new chips really have power, delivering unprecedented multitasking performance. But, the top model is the first to deliver TeraFLOP performance.

Intel’s New Processor Is The First Consumer CPU With TeraFLOP Power

Intel recently unveiled a series of new ultra-fast processors. The new chips really have power, delivering unprecedented multitasking performance. Intel has released Core X series chips with the i9-7980XE leading the offering.

This chip is the company’s first 18-core processor and is capable of more than one teraflop of computing power.

Recently Intel introduced its X-Series and we know that this is the personal processor with the best processing ever, but what is its true power?

These new Intel processors ensure unprecedented processing power with the new top X-Series, the i9-7980XE, the first to have 18 cores. Intel now has a processor that is capable of more than a Teraflop of computing power, but … yes, everything has its price and this firepower also does not come cheap at all. Anyone who wants to have this processor will have to shell out about $ 1990.23.

But what is teraflop?

To understand what is TeraFlop, we must know that a FLOP is nothing more than an acronym for the term floating point operations per second, that is, floating point operations per second.

An MFLOPS represents (10^6 flops), or 1 million floating point operations per second. MFLOPS are considered a value most representative of machine power and indicate operations using floating-point numbers. 1 GFLOPS corresponds to 10^9 operations per second, or 1 billion floating-point operations per second (the same as saying 1000 MFLOPS). A TFLOPS (TeraFLOPS) corresponds to 10^12 operations per second, which equals 1000 GFLOPS.

In comparative terms, the world’s fastest supercomputer with Intel technology (the most powerful currently is Sunway TaihuLight) is the Tianhe-2, developed by the National University of Defense Technology in China, has the capacity to make 33.86 Trillion Operations per second, or 33.86 PetaFlop/s. It has 32,000 Intel Xeon E5-2692 12-Core 2.2 Ghz processors, 48,000 Xeon Phi co-processors, and 1 Petabyte RAM.

The new Intel processor “only” can reach 0.003% of the value of this Supercomputer, but in historical terms, the recent powerful i7-6700K only reached 113.63 GFlops or 0.112TFlops. This latest processor thought for gamers and demanding professionals has come to stay and ensures unmatched processing.

We are thus reaching an era where both nanotechnology and domestic processing power are reaching a frightening level, placing in the sphere of consumer a mathematical power size where it can use it for both good and evil.

So, what do you think about this new beast? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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