iPhone 14 All Model's Battery Specs Leaked Online
Image: TechViral

As we are getting close iPhone 14 launch, we are getting more leaks about it, such as already knowing about its camera specs, new notch design, etc. Now, some of the latest leaks have come up on the battery specs of all models.

Recently, Some reports on iPhone 14 display supply suggest from the 80 million OLED panels, Samsung Display will supply 38.17 million for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

Apple Might Introduce Battery Upgrade to iPhone 14, But Not to Pro Max 

Apple Might Introduce Battery Upgrade to iPhone 14, But Not to Pro Max 
Image: ShrimpApplePro

iPhone 14 leaks and rumors have already proved that this lineup will get a lot of new changes after a long time, and also it facing many challenges like its display supply and production delay.

Still, it is subject to discussion due to its battery upgrades. As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple might not upgrade iPhone 14 Pro Max battery capacity, but we didn’t suppose it would be smaller than the previous one.

On the Chinese social media platform Baidu, a leaker posted iPhone 14 all models battery capacity, and then a well-known Chinese leaks provider ShrimpApplePro informed it via tweet.

iPhone 14 base model and iPhone 14 Pro might only get battery improvements, as the leaker said the base would have a 3,279mAh battery, and the Pro would have a 3,200mAh battery.

If we compare them to the iPhone 13’s model, the iPhone 13 had a 3,227 mAh battery, and iPhone 13 Pro comes with a 3,095 mAh battery, which shows modest improvements to the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Plus/Max would have a 4325mAh battery, the highest battery capacity in this lineup.

But, there is also disappointment for iPhone 14 Pro Max enthusiasts. The iPhone 14 Pro Max might arrive with a smaller battery than the previous iPhone 13 Pro Max. As the leaker said, Pro Max would have a 4,323mAh battery.

In comparison, iPhone 13 Pro Max has 4,352 mAh , but I wish this might not come as valid. We have to wait for its launch, which is expected this fall.


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