Apple is yet so far to launch the iPhone 15 series, but as its progress is going on in the background, a new leak related to the USB-C port came out from an internal source on the Chinese platform Weibo.

This iPhone 15’s new leak suggests that Apple is planning to limit its USB-C port to approved accessories only, like the Lightning port and its charging cable does. Let’s delve into the complete details below.

Apple To Add Authenticator Chip In iPhone 15’s USB-C Port

Apple To Add Authenticator Chip In iPhone 15's USB-C Port

As we all know, Apple is highly expected to launch all the models of the iPhone 15 series with the new USB-C port instead of the regular Lightning port, and the company came to this decision after European Union (EU) passed the law of standard charging ports.

And according to this new leak, these ports are going to inherit special authenticator chips that will check the compatibility of the accessory which the user tries to attach with the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro model.

This means users are only allowed to use Apple-approved charging cables and other accessories for their devices, and if users try to attach any unauthorized charging cables or accessories, it won’t work, and they could receive a warning like “This accessory is not supported”.

This technology is called Integrated Circuit (IC) and was introduced in 2012, and from then, Apple has been using it with their iPhone’s Lightning port.

With this implementation in USB-C port, the company will be able to sell its own charging cables and other accessories, which will keep authenticity for Apple’s iPhone like the Lightning port.

Currently, nothing has been confirmed by Apple itself, but it seems to be a good move for the company.

Besides, there are also some rumors that say iPhone 15 series’ Pro model will feature a USB-C port with some additional features such as faster data transfer speed and more.


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