Multi Window Android OS
Multi Window Android OS

InShortViral: The most interesting and good news for Android lovers, Jide Technology under three ex-Google employee has developed a Remix OS of Android-x86 project.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he most interesting and good news for Android lovers, Jide Technology under three ex-Google employee has developed a Remix OS of Android-x86 project that enables you to run on almost every PC currently. The new OS will run on AMD and Intel devices of computer and Mac as well.

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Jide Technology will release this Remix OS officially from its own website as on 12th January 2016. remember the download may or may not be free and can be known only on the day of 12th of January. The founders have been under the partnership with Android-x86.

Jide Just Announced Multi-Window Android Remix OS For PC and Mac

The OS will come with Android Lollipop, which soon in near future it will be upgradable to Android Marshmallow as vice versa other devices will also receive the same update between half of January 2016. This new Remix of OS will be loaded with Google Play Store and other Google Services, which means users no need to flash a GAPPS package, or in other terms, open source installation of the application is not required.

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The preview and the users experiment experiences have commented about the use of this new OS, this Remix OS offers traditional desktop like interface experiences for the users and most probably Android lovers prefers desktop Android also which mostly touchable or touch screen display, having everything as the normal Android devices currently but with an extended Windowed overall application interface experiences to wowed the matter.

You can installed the Remix OS directly to any drive of your computer to mark that drive as first boot, or you can Instantly to your flash drive as USB so that you can plug and run the Remix OS on the go.

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David Ko, Co-Founder of Jide Technology explains:

“Today’s public release of Remix OS, based on Android x86, is something that we’ve been working towards since we founded Jide Technology in 2014. All of us are driven by the goal of making computing a more accessible experience, with this free, public release allowing us to do this. We believe Remix OS is the natural evolution of Android and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this change.”

However after that perfect thought of Co-Founder David Ko, you might have to realise that the world of a computer will never end, every day the new innovation will overcome. Jide the company will also continue the same efforts to make and share the world more effective and reliable product fo the users to perform more accessible things right in front.

Arif Chowdhury, VP of Transmission Holding Group, has stated:

“This new partnership consolidates Tecno’s mission to think globally and act locally through pioneering Android productivity computing. As a leading mobile communication company in emerging markets, we see the huge potential of partnership between Tecno and Remix OS to transform the future of mobile computing for the next billion users.”

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Jide explains that how Remix OS will perform the best experience for its users by applying to its first parties such as Ultra-Tablet and the Remix Mini. The remix OS is just casual and similar to other portable PC its just an OS instal to your Notebook, Mac, Laptop and other OS supported devices, you can even share the screen by Cabling the HDMI connection, Bluetooth and WiFi. Currently, Remix Mini also online for sale as $7 from USA.