We all know very well that Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies of the future. Several companies have invested in this segment, as like other tech companies, the tech giant Microsoft is now developing new AI chips for the devices other than HoloLens.

Microsoft Is Developing AI Chips For Devices Other Than HoloLens

Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies of the future. Several companies have invested in this segment, creating tools and hardware to make this technology more profound and capable, and consequently end up being more useful to users.

The tech giant Microsoft is one of the companies that has bet heavily on Artificial Intelligence and now it has been known that the AI ​processor it was developing for the HoloLens will be deployed on other equipment as well, including third-party equipment.

It was in July that the tech giant Microsoft announced that it was developing a processor dedicated to Artificial Intelligence intended for the next generation of its HoloLens. This processor will be integrated into the HPU (holographic processing unit) that will have coupled a co-processor dedicated to the processing and implementation of Neural Networks in the device.

Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President of the tech giant Microsoft’s hardware department, said in an interview with CNBC that the development of this chip is running extremely well, that they are working hard at the company to design the best possible processor, the equipment hardware.

In addition to the work and research carried out within the tech giant Microsoft, Panos Panay said that it counts with the support and collaboration of its partners to develop this processor and this technology.

Taking into account this collaboration and the expressive favorable results that the tech giant Microsoft has obtained in the development of the processor dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, Panos Panay confessed that it is expected that these will be implemented in several devices of various categories, even in the devices of other brands in addition to Microsoft.

The purpose of the Redmond company in creating this processor is to be able to process much more efficiently all the data and information collected by the various sensors and functionalities coupled to the device and will rely on its Artificial Intelligence to manipulate, manage and treat this whole task.

With this progress we can expect, in the near future, to have processing units dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in the devices we use every day, from computers to smartphones, to wearables and home automation devices.

This more advanced presence of Artificial Intelligence in our devices will allow a more efficient and natural execution and interaction, taking this technology to a new level and making it quite possibly more useful and user-friendly.

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