Netflix has announced to release of 7 new games to its mobile app by the end of this month. The streaming service seems to put more effort into keeping subscribers entertained on the app.

Also, the company has recently adopted a new studio for making new games for the platform, and some of the games are in the conclusion to arrive, but this mode of content is currently only limited to mobile users.

Netflix Expanding Mobile Game List With New Games

Netflix Expanding Mobile Game List With New Games

These games are only for their plan subscribers, who can play these games without seeing any ads directly in Netflix’s Android and iOS app.

Netflix has brought some of these games from different studios from whom they have already brought several games in the past so let’s begin the list.

1) Skies of Chaos

This is a 2D arcade-style, tap-to-shoot game with planes in the sky like classic flying games.

2) Flutter Butterflies

This game is about butterfly species that you have to discover, and there are around 400 species whose knowledge you can gain by exploring them.

3) Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales

It’s a puzzle game like Candy Crush, but it becomes more interesting as you have to use characters from Netflix’s Stranger Things. These characters are collectible, so you have to earn them by topping up the score.

This game also includes the page type of stories from the original series, and you can defeat the Demogorgon by solving the puzzle.

4) Country Friends

This is a 2D world exploration and simulation game where you can raise farms and houses, and you will get rewards to earn items for the process.

5) Cats & Soup

Neowiz has developed this game, and it is about making soup with the help of cats and getting rewards for leveling up.

6) Reigns: Three Kingdoms

This is a story game that has been developed by Devolver Digital studios, who have already made many games for Netflix.

This game doesn’t include such immersive graphics, but it is thrilling as there are multiple events that you have to explore by doing research in every event, and with your progress, you will get more characters and secrets unlocked for continuing the story.

And in the mainline, you also have to battle with other Kingdoms’ legends with power and hp like a card game strategy.

7) Hello Kitty Happiness Parade

This game is about running, music, and collecting coins with popular characters of popular Hello Kitty. We all know how popular the Hello Kitty franchise is and has a lot of games.

Besides, well-known Rogue Games has made this game for Netflix’s platform, and this would also get a worldwide leaderboard for the scores.

As usual, Netflix has only released games related to the arcade, adventure, and puzzle categories, but its subscriber is demanding more fps and 3D games instead of these games.

And Netflix is already rumored to be working on several games on consumer demand, as they have their own developer now in the studio. Earlier, Netflix also appeared to be interested in Cloud Gaming.

Besides, it is worth discussing that Netflix might also be planning a TPP (3rd person perspective) role-playing game for the PC, but currently, it is rumored to be in the early development phase.

But Netflix hasn’t revealed anything yet about it, so it is currently in perhaps condition, and the information came out from the company’s job listing where it mentioned the game as an “AAA PC game”.

For the next month, it is expected to release more than 12 games, which could include the FPS shooting game, according to rumors, and it may have more games based on its original shows.


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