Now You Can Lease iPhone SE For Just $15 in India
Now You Can Lease iPhone SE For Just $15 in India

iPhone SE was announced last month and it came to Indian Market this month at a whopping price of $586, which is relatively higher than US pricing. In a bid to increase sales in India, Apple is offering leasing options on the iPhones and iPads for the Indian corporate customers.

Now You Can Lease iPhone SE For Just $15 in India

Indian Corporates can switch to the recently launched iPhone SE by leasing it for $15 [R.s 999] per month for two years.

The company will be also providing lease to the iPhone 6/6s via its corporate leasing program with plans priced at $18 [R.s 1,199] and $21 [R.s 1,399] per month. Besides this, Apple is also offering lease plans for its recently launched 9.7 inch iPad Pro including the 12.9 inch iPad Pro unveiled last year.

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However, this scheme can be availed by corporate members and they can switch to another iPhone model by paying the increased amount on monthly basis. Corporate leasing program by Apple was available in India for over a year, however it seems that Apple is getting serious about this program now.

In a bid to boost the sales of iPhone SE in India, Apple launched this scheme to its various products as iPhone SE is not witnessing the expecting sales which the company is aiming in the country.

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It seems that Apple intended to launch the iPhone SE for emerging markets, the device has already got overwhelming response in the US and according to several reports, it has already gone out of stock in the US.

This strategy followed by Apple is likely to work in the emerging smartphone markets like India. If you have something more to add, do mention it at the comment section below.


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