PS5 restock updates

PlayStation 5 was the most awaited gaming console of 2020, and it was officially out in few countries in November. However, in India, it came for pre-orders in January 2021, and it will be available on February 2. As soon as the pre-orders started, the console went out of stock within no time. So, here we have brought few PS5 restock updates.

Flipkart Bot Support will Start Notifying Flipkart Stock.

Ps5 Flipkart telegram bot

As per the latest reports, Flipkart has got Telegram bot support for PS5 India restock. That means the users will be notified when the gaming console PlayStation 5 will be available for Flipkart in India. However, this bot is already available for Amazon.

The IT professional Shantanu Goel had developed a bot, and earlier, he said support for Flipkart is in the works. Now, the Flipkart support bot is ready to notify the Flipkart stock whenever the stock is back.

Shantanu Goel said,

“I made it because I was interested in buying from Amazon due to the five percent discount on the Amazon credit card and also because I trust Amazon more. When I bought my own device, few others asked for it and so I converted it into a public channel. I will add Flipkart as well sometime this week when I get time though.”

This telegram bot notifies you when the stock on Flipkart and Amazon goes live. A similar bot was available for Xbox Series X when it was launched in India.

The users need to add this bot to your Telegram app, and you will be notified when the console is back in stock. Do remember, as this bot will inform you the stock is back and purchase it, you need to visit the website independently.

PS5 Restock coming to Gamestop Tomorrow

According to the reports, you will be able to buy PS5 from Gamestop as it is getting a new stock tomorrow, i.e. 22 January. The news came out via the Official Twitter account of the store.

Gamestop is not only getting PS5 stock back, but also there will be bundles for Xbox Series X restock and more Nintendo Switch consoles.


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