You have many antivirus software for Windows PC, such as Avast, Kaspersky, AVG, etc. Even though Windows includes a built-in security tool called Windows Defender, users still believe in third-party options.

It’s a good idea to rely on a premium or reliable third-party security program to protect your PC. And you have many choices regarding a ‘Reliable security Program’. Avast is a leading name in the security world and has various products available for security and productivity.

With the premium or free version of Avast, you also get an extension called Avast SafePrice. In this article, we will discuss the Avast SafePrice and what it does. Let’s get started.

What is Avast Safeprice?

What is Avast Safeprice?

Avast SafePrice is just a browser add-on that gets you a better deal. The free browser extension is designed to help you save money as you shop online and travel sites.

Avast SafePrice maintains its own database of trusted e-shops and displays them in the top right corner of your web browser.

So, when you visit an e-commerce website or shopping site, the Avast SafePrice extension checks for all available best offers, deals, and discount coupons.

If it finds any available coupon or offer, it lets you know. So, if you are an online shopper, you should take advantage of the Avast SafePrice Addon.

How to Download & Install Avast SafePrice Browser Extension?

Well, it’s easy to download & install the Avast SafePrice browser extension and addon. Avast SafePrice is available for all major web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

To install & use Avast SafePrice, you must install the extension from the browser’s store. You can also download it from the official Avast Website. Here we have shared the example for the Google Chrome browser.

1. Open your Google Chrome web browser and visit the Avast SafePrice Chrome extension page.

add the extension

2. When the page opens, add the extension to your Chrome web browser.

add Avast SafePrice to chrome


3. Once added, you will find the Avast SafePrice Chrome extension icon on the toolbar.

Avast SafePrice Chrome extension

That’s it! Now, whenever you use a shopping site, the Avast SafePrice extension automatically checks for available coupons and deals.

How to use Avast SafePrice?

Avast SafePrice Chrome extension

It’s pretty easy to use the Avast SafePrice browser extension. Once installed and enabled, the extension runs automatically in the background all the time.

It effectively scans your shopping site to find all available coupons and deals. And if it finds any, Avast SafePrice shows pop-up notifications.

If a coupon code is available for the product you are viewing on the shopping site, you will have the option to Apply a Coupon directly on the notification pop-up.

Is Avast SafePrice a Virus?

Is Avast SafePrice a Virus?

Well, if the Avast SafePrice extension suddenly appears in your web browser, even when you haven’t installed it, chances are that you have installed Avast Antivirus on your computer.

Avast SafePrice is also available as a component in Avast Antivirus. So, if you have just installed Avast Antivirus on your device, you will see the Avast SafePrice extension.

However, Avast SafePrice comes bundled with Avast Antivirus only in a few Windows build. For example, the Avast Antivirus installation file for Windows 11 doesn’t include the SafePrice extension.

Hence, if you install Avast Antivirus on Windows 11, you won’t see the Avast SafePrice extension. In that case, you need to install it on your web browser manually.

Now, as far as the question is concerned, ‘Is Avast SafePrice virus?’. No, it’s not. It’s a part of a security suite. Hence it’s not a virus or malware. You can use it without worrying about any privacy or security issue.

Does Avast SafePrice Collect My Data?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before questioning anything. Avast SafePrice is meant to find the best prices and coupons from the database of trusted e-shops.

To display the offers, it first collects anonymous data about the pages and products you have visited before. Avast, on its official site, does mention that the data Avast SafePrice collects is not connected to your personal data.

How to Remove Avast SafePrice

It’s easy to Remove the Avast SafePrice extension. There are multiple ways to remove Avast SafePrice from a computer. Here are some of them.

Remove Avast SafePrice from browser

Since Avast SafePrice is installed as an extension or add-on in your web browser, you need to visit the extension manager page of your browser and uninstall the extension. Here we have shared the example for removing Avast SafePrice on Chrome.

1. To remove Avast SafePrice, click on the three dots on your Chrome and select More Tools > Extensions.

More Tools > Extensions

2. This will open the Extension page on your computer.

3. To remove the Avast SafePrice extension, click on the Remove button underneath the extension name.

click on the Remove button

That’s it! This is how you can remove Avast SafePrice from your computer.

Remove Avast SafePrice from Avast Antivirus Interface

Remove Avast SafePrice from Avast Antivirus Interface

However, if you are using a very older version of Avast Antivirus, you must remove it from the Avast Antivirus Interface. You need to open Avast Antivirus and navigate to Settings > Components.

On the Components, scroll down to the ‘SafePrice browser extension’ and click on the ‘Uninstall Component‘. That’s it! This will remove avast safeprice from your computer.

Uninstall Avast SafePrice from Control Panel

On Control Panel, you need to change the Avast Antivirus setup file to remove the Avast SafePrice browser extension. You need to follow some of the simple steps we have shared below.

Uninstall Avast SafePrice from Control Panel

  • First, open Windows search and type Control Panel. Next, open the Control Panel app from the list.
  • When the Control Panel opens, click on Programs and Features.
  • Now, right-click on the Avast Antivirus and select Change.
  • On the Avast Antivirus Setup screen, uncheck the ‘SafePrice Browser Extension‘ and click the Change button.

That’s it! Now you need to wait for a few seconds until Avast Antivirus changes your system. This will remove Avast SafePrice from your computer.

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So, this guide is all about Avast SafePrice, and how to remove Avast SafePrice from your computer. If you need more help removing Avast SafePrice from your PC, let us know in the comments below. Also, if the article helped you, make sure to share it with your friends as well.


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