Rumour: Samsung Will Launch Galaxy Note 6 With Android N In July

Rumors arrived that “Samsung Will Launch Galaxy Note 6 With Android N In July” this type of rumor is repeated at the start of every year when the new Galaxy S series handsets are said to arrive earlier.

Then, a few months later, the same thing was repeated for the next Galaxy Note series phablets. Still, nothing has been announced, and nothing noteworthy has leaked out about the assured sixth-generation version of Samsung’s popular stylus-equipped handset “Samsung Galaxy Note 6”.

Rumour: Samsung Will Launch Galaxy Note 6 With Android N In July

This year, Samsung could abandon its as-usual plans and present its next generation Phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 6 in the middle of July instead of waiting for the IFA show, which was held in Berlin in September as usual.

A South Korean group predicts that the Galaxy Note 6 will be out in July this year with Android N onboard.

This information remains questionable because this version of the Android (Android N 7.0) is not expected before the autumn. Unless the Galaxy Note 6 is presented in mid-July will get one or two months later.

What configurations are expected?

According to the rumors, Samsung’s next generation phablet Galaxy Note 6 could benefit from a large screen of 5.7 or 5.8 inches. It may be equipped with the newest Exynos or Snapdragon processor and 6GB of RAM, which is 2 GB more than the Galaxy Note 5.

As for the battery, opinions differ: it might as well be the same as the Note 5 (3000 mAh) or the same as the Galaxy S7 Edge (3600 mAh), or a more lasting model (4000 mAh). The Galaxy Note 6 may offer 64 and 128 GB storage variants, and no information about the camera was confirmed.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is still not confirmed, and even if it will be marketed in Europe, Samsung has chosen not to offer the previous model on the Old Continent. But as it does not plan to launch Galaxy S7 Edge, this PHABLET could find its place in the European market.


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