Netflix is a premium media streaming service that’s used by millions of users right now. Compared to other media streaming services, Netflix has unique content. With a premium subscription, one can watch endless hours of video content like Movies, TV Series, Shows, etc.

If you have ever used Netflix on Google Chrome, you might know that it shows an intro before playing an episode. We are not talking about the ads here. We are talking about the short intro of the series or episode that you are about to watch.

Although Netflix offers you an option to skip intros in TV shows, it doesn’t work automatically. You need to manually click on the ‘Skip Intro’ button every time you select an episode. To deal with such things, several extensions have been made for the Google Chrome browser.

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Skip Netflix Intros Automatically in Google Chrome

This article will talk about the two best Google Chrome extension that automatically skips Netflix intros in Google Chrome browser. Let’s check out.

1. Netflix Extended

Netflix Extended is a chrome extension that allows you to customize several elements of your Netflix web player. It adds a mini icon right on the Netflix web player.

Netflix Extended

After installing the NetFlix Extended Chrome extension, open a video on Netflix. You will find a green dot on your Netflix Player in Chrome browser. Hover your mouse cursor and click on the tiny gear icon to explore the settings.

Netflix Extended

On the Netflix Extended Settings, select the ‘Assistant’ tab and enable the ‘Skip Intros’ option. If you are not interested in watching the recaps, then enable the ‘Skip Recaps’ option as well.

2. Auto Skip Intro

As you might have guessed from the name, Auto Skip Intro is a Chrome extension that automatically skips all intros from the video you are about to watch. The extension is available for free on the Google Chrome web store.

Auto Skip Intro

The good thing about Auto Skip Intro is that it doesn’t need any setup. As soon as the extension is installed, it automatically skips all intros. However, if you already have a video playing in a tab, you need to reload it for the extension to work.

Auto Skip Intro


Other than that, Auto Skip Intro also skips the recaps of previous episodes that play at the start of a new one. The extension is also compatible with Amazon Prime video as well.

So, these are the two best Google Chrome extensions to auto skip intros. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below.


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