Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook
Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook

Let’s have a look at the guide to Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook that can be implemented using the inbuilt settings of your Facebook account. So let’s have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Facebook has an amazing news feed in which the recent posts from the friends or the users tend to appear. This is the place where you could sometimes wish to remove someone’s posts from appearing. One way is to block the user yet the other way is to unfollow the person for which you wish to block the posts on your news feed. By doing this method you remove the user permanently from the news feed while you will again have to become friends so as to start viewing the ads from the people. This is slightly difficult to perform as you cannot keep
on managing this tasks. For the better convenience of managing the different posts on the new feed and which of the post from the selected users to be shown just make this automated. You might have got confused about how the whole process that is stated above could be automated, not to worry as this is really easy to be grasped. Here in this article, we are going to explain the whole method through which the news feed for the facebook can be set and managed in such a way that some of your selected friends will be prevented from showing into the news feed. If you are still interested to know about the method then please keep on reading this post until the end. We assure that on reading this post you will get really useful information. So let’s get started!

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How to Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook:

#1 The first thing that we would say here before starting with the method is that all you will require doing is execute the one single step. For that purpose please log into the facebook by using your credentials. Either you can use the facebook app for this purpose or desktop for the very thing. This will only provide you the option on the screen for making the posts for someone snooze for 30 days on the news feed.

#2 Once you are logged into the facebook all you need to do is scroll down the news feed and look for the post by some preferred user for whom you wish to snooze the posts. Stop there and on the post by the particular user just click on the three-dot menu. There will be a list of options that will appear on the screen. Through the options inside the list choose the option named Snooze for 30 minutes.

Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook
Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook

#3 Now this does mean that if you have made someone snooze over the facebook for 30 minutes then at some instant you could also require making the appearance of posts alive. By the above steps you made the facebook person snooze, now we will tell you the method to delete the snooze filtration. Go to the profile of the person which you has snoozed, inside there select the option Snoozed and then from there tap on the option End Snooze.

Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook
Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook

#4 Soon after making the changes you will see that the posts from the person shall start to appear on the news feed. That’s all about the method and we have explained both of the ways to stop and start the snooze function on the facebook. Remember that the snooze service will run for only 330 days and after 30 days you will start to get the posts from the person on your news feed of Facebook.

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Finally, after reading this post we hope that you would have got the whole data about the method through which someone could be snoozed for 30 days on Facebook. If you have liked this information then please tend to share it with others. We would even appreciate your indulgence in our post through the comments section where you are free to provide us with your valuable suggestions and the opinions. At last nevertheless thanks for reading this post!


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