Privacy options in desktop web browsers have always been a problem. However, almost all web browsers, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc., offer you the privacy option to opt out of certain types of tracking.

The same goes for Android devices as well. However, the thing is that you would never know how and when you are getting tracked on the internet. So, it’s always best to use privacy-focused web browsers on Android.

Even if you don’t use a privacy-focused web browser, you can use a VPN app to protect your identity. Hence, this article will list some of the best apps to surf anonymously on Android.

Surf Anonymously on Android (10 Best VPN Apps & Browsers)

Most of these are VPN apps, and the rest are web browsers. So, let’s check out how to surf anonymously on Android.

1. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

HotspotShield VPN

This is one of the best VPN Proxy apps to help you surf anonymously on your Android. In addition, this app provides banking-level HTTPS encryption to secure the WiFi connection.

That means your WiFi network is always protected from hackers and unauthorized access.

2. Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN

VPN SecureLine is one of the top-rated VPN apps available on the Google Play Store. The famous security company makes it avast.

The VPN app for Android provides you with unlimited, superfast, and secure VPN proxy service. The VPN SecureLine is used by over 435 million people worldwide, making it a trusted Android VPN app.

3. Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN

The main feature of Hideman VPN is to secure the internet data as much as possible, and for this purpose, the app uses 256-bit encryption.

The app scrambles the original data so that if anyone is monitoring the data, they wouldn’t understand it without an app’s key.

4. CyberGhost


This is a very nice app that provides banking-level security to the user. The VPN app for Android is now used by over 36 million users worldwide.

The premium version of CyberGhost allows you to access over 7,000 VPN servers located across 90 different countries. Opt for a three-day free trial before purchasing a premium plan.

5. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is one of the new and popular Android browsers that blocks almost all online trackers.

The browser is super fast and features a private browsing mode, allowing users to block online trackers. The app also has a feature in which you can clear your session with a single tap.

6. InBrowser


Well, this is one of the best private browsers that you can have on your Android smartphone. Guess what? The browser has TOR support, and it also blocks online trackers.

InBrowser doesn’t save any data, and as soon as you exit the app, all your browsing history and data are removed.

7. Tor Browser

Tor Browser

This is the only official mobile browser supported by the Tor Project. The web browser is free to download and use and offers lots of privacy and security features.

By default, it blocks a wide range of trackers, defends your device against surveillance, offers multi-layered encryption, and more.

8. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser


DuckDuckGo believes that online privacy should be simple. So it’s a full-fledged web browser application for Android with the speed you need and, the browsing features you expect.

It automatically blocks third-party trackers and lets you search privately. Overall, it’s an excellent privacy-focused web browser for Android.

9. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery is a full-fledged browser app for Android that offers comprehensive features to enhance user privacy. The web browser offers a powerful ad-blocker and tracker protection feature by default.

It also has a private browsing mode that automatically deletes your browsing history on exit. Overall, it’s an excellent privacy-focused web browser for Android.

10. Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser

If you are looking for a feature-packed private browser for Android, look no other than Avast Secure Browser. Guess what? The web browser app for Android comes with an AdBlocker and a built-in VPN.

Avast Secure Browser is straightforward to use, and it’s based on Chromium. The web browser automatically blocks ads and trackers that slow down your device.

So, these are the best apps that would help you surf anonymously on Android. You need to use these apps while browsing the web. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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