Learn How to take or disable live photos during a video call in Facetime on your ios device using simple settings that will help you to better capture your moments. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

This article will discuss Facetime, the popular video-calling app on iOS or iPhone devices. This extremely simple but amazingly intellectual app knows everything you need to kick-start your joyful experience over the live chat. Users can also capture static images of the instants where the video call has great expressions. You know what we are talking about, and more often, you also might know about taking screenshots over Facetime.

The process is simple: simultaneously click the volume up button and the power button. This can be different for the alternate devices, but it will be present in every other device. Now you know that this screenshot function is all lazy actions that take lots of time to act, and through this time, you can lose your better clips.

Knowing this, Facetime has added live photo action inside their video calling interface, allowing users to take screenshots of the videos quickly. Here in this article, we will describe how you can either utilize the live photos inside the video call on the face time or stop the feature. Carry on reading this article till the end to learn the ways!

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How to Take or Disable Live Photos During a Video Call


Note that for utilizing this feature of live photos on Facetime, both the caller and you need to have the iOS or macOS High Sierra running on their devices. If this is not fulfilled, you cannot capture the live photos inside the video calls on Facetime.

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Steps to Take or Disable Live Photos During a Video Call:

1. It is extremely simple to take live photos during a live video call on Facetime, as there is a shutter button placed on the bottom side of the phone through which you can capture any good moment as a live photo. The saved photo will be placed in your live photo gallery. Better to know that when you take live photos, your Facetime will show you the message that the live photo was taken, and on the other side, the same message will be conveyed.

2. You may want to disable the live photos feature on Facetime for some reason; therefore, the developers have already implemented a way. Any user can easily stop the live photos option inside Facetime by going to the Facetime settings inside the Device Settings and switching off the toggle. The Toggle button will be named Facetime only.

Take or Disable Live Photos During a Video Call

3. This feature has been available for iOS and macOS High Sierra users till now, but other platforms might get the opportunity to share this feature in the future. Although the work of this feature is already hidden in the hard buttons of the device, as the touch is always faster than switching through buttons, you can use this smart feature more easily.

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Finally, you have now read the whole article from where you have grasped the total knowledge of utilizing the live photos function inside Facetime to quickly and instantly take static images of the actions happening during your video calls. The process is extremely easy, and we are thankful for the face time and developers that have made it. Each and every user would probably be able to learn its usage easily, while if it is difficult for anyone, they can get the way through the above-provided method.

Yet if the users still have more complexities, they could grab our further support by pasting their issues inside the comments box. For all other users satisfied with the method, we hope you would have liked the information in this article, so if you do, please share your views!


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