An 18 year old teenager, Xiaong Xuan, died last week while trying to unplug his mobile phone from a computer on which he was charging his mobile phone. The doctors said that he died due to electrical shock.

Teenager Dies While Trying To Unplug His Mobile Phone At Internet Cafe

Xuan was a worker at a garment factory and he often visited the local Internet cafe in  Wuhan China, according to his brother Xiong Feng. This unfortunate incident happened on April 15, after Xuan had finished his shift after work. His brother was also present at the spot, he told reporter that Xuan was sitting in the cafe and after finishing the task, he tried to unplug the charging cable when this unusual incident took place.

Feng said, “He let out a shout when he pulled on the cable and then his foot made contact with the steel legs of the table.”

Feng also said that how his brother was frothing at the mouth and had lose consciousness, however nobody at the Internet Cafe came for help. “He was obviously hurt, but none of the staff helped,” he said to local reporters.

His brother called their uncle who also worked at the same factory where Xuan worked, who quickly took Xuan to the hospital, Panlongcheng People’s Hospital. Xuan was declared dead by the doctors and the cause of his death was “electrical injury”.

It has been reported that license of the Internet Cafe has been expelled and the investigations on Xuan’s unusual death are in progress.


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