PUBG is in Android’s Google Play Store, and everyone loves the game. Here in this article, we will share the best tips & tricks of PUBG that remain hidden in the game. These tips will assist you in making the most out of the game.

Well, PUBG is out there in Android’s Google Play Store, and everyone loves the game. Player Unknown’s Battleground took the entire Android Play Store by storm, and users thoroughly loved the game.

The game offers unique gameplay and impressive graphics. Previously, we shared an article on optimizing the FPS and Graphics settings on PUBG Mobile. So, if you have recently decided to play PUBG on Android, this post might help you.

Here in this article, we will share the 8 best tips & tricks of PUBG that remain hidden in the game. These tips will assist you in making the most out of the game. So, let’s look at the the 10 best Tips & Tricks of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile: 10 Best Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn’t Tell You

1) Re-Map Buttons

Re-Map Buttons

Well, controls play a crucial role in any mobile game. Especially if you have more enormous thumbs, you will face hard times while managing the game. The things remain same for PUBG mobile where you have to control everything on a small screen.

However, PUBG Mobile allows users to move around buttons to the areas where they feel most comfortable. So, make sure to re-map the buttons before playing the game.

2) Activate Leaningr

Activate Leaning

Without any doubt, LLeaning is one of the most valuable aspects of PUBG. However, LLeaning is absent in the mobile version of the game. You will be surprised to know that the learning feature is present in the game, and you need to turn it on.

Enabling the learning feature is extremely easy; you must go to Settings by tapping the small cog button. This will allow the thealLeaning

3) Master The Map

Master The Map

If you want to dominate in PUBG, you need to master the map. Usually, you need to pay attention to the map in PUBG to survive. One of the crucial things you should pay attention to is the notification on the map, which is located in the top right corner.

Whenever people shoot near you, you will get a notification on the map, which clearly shows the direction from where the sound came. However, the information is barely noticeable, so you must pay proper attention to the map.

4) Optimize PUBG for Notched Display

Optimize PUBG for Notched Display

Again, this helpful feature is included in the latest version of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Players from all around the world can adjust the game UI according to their smartphone’s design. Head to Settings > Graphics > Non-Standard. Now under the Non-Standard Screen, select ‘Notch’ if you have a notched smartphone.

5) Gyroscope


Do you know that on PUBG Mobile, you can move your phone to aim? With Gyroscope turned on, the aiming becomes a lot easier. Just head to Settings > Basic. Under the Basic Settings, find Gyroscope and select ‘Always On. This will allow users to play games using the motion controls. So, the other best feature is hidden in the game.

6) Make Use Of Your Left Thumb

Make Use Of Your Left Thumb

It’s tough to both shoot and aim at the same time. It becomes more challenging if you use your right thumb to shoot and aim. You will be screwed in the gunfight for sure! So, make sure to use the additional fire button on both the right and left sides of the screen. This way, your left thumb will be used for aiming, and your right thumb for shooting.

7) Make Use Of The First Few Games

Make Use Of The First Few Games

Well, on the PC and Console versions of PUBG, you didn’t have the option to play the first few games with the bots. However, you get the first few games to play with bots on mobile versions. This feature helps newcomers to know the basics of the game. So, use the first few games of PUBG Mobile fully.

8) Activate AutoRun

Activate AutoRun

Auto-Run is an essential feature that is found in almost all survival games. In PUBG, if you need to go to other areas, especially if you want to cover a longer distance, you need to activate the Auto-run.

To enable Auto-run on PUBG, you need to keep your thumb moving up to where it’s in line with the sprint icon, located next to the map. Once there, the Auto-run will be activated, and you don’t nto press constantlyward upward.

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9) Use Free Look

Use Free Look

Well, on the PC version, you can free look while sprinting. That feature allowed users to move in the same direction while keeping an eye around. However, you need to be in sprint mode to avail the part. The same thing is possible on mobile, but you neemustgure out how to do it.

To activate the free look on mobile, you neemustag the tiny eye icon from the top right corner to move the camera. This will give you a free look while going in the same direction.

10) Play While Plugged In

Play While Plugged In

WelAs all know, PUBG requires many resources to run on the smartphone. You can get only two to three games out of a single charge. Imagine for a while that you are in the final three and going for that chicken dinner, and your phone is turned off due to low battery; what will be your reaction? So, to avoid these types of scenarios, you can opt to play while plugged in.

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So, these are the 8 best tips & tricks of PUBG that remains hidden in the game. These tips will help you to get the most out of the game. If you know such information you feel is worth sharing, then make sure to share it with us in the comment box below.


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