Learn how to Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10 using the simple inbuilt settings of the windows 10 by which you can easily implement this. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ing search is the familiar term if you are the regular user of the internet. This is the service especially handled by the Microsoft and this is considered the next best search engine after the google. Now by the name of Bing Maps the Microsoft also have the navigation service for the users those who wish to know about the routes to different places. This is extremely efficient maps service that could help you find almost any place or destination with ease. One of the major things that the map users always want to have is that they wish to get the facility by which the certain maps could be saved to the device for the offline usage. By default, there is no such option available inside the Bing maps so as to save the maps to offline. Yet there is another way if you are using the windows 10, the maps for the Bing could be saved for the offline access. You possibly might be unaware of the method through which all this could happen. For your knowledge as well as a convenience we have made this article where we have written about the method by which the Bing maps could be used in offline mode on the Windows 10. If you are interested to know about the method then please go and read the main part of this article, do read up to the end of the post to get the full information. So let’s get begin up with the method below!

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How to Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10

The method is quite simple and easy and straight and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10:

#1 First of we will begin with opening the Maps service, for that you can look for the navigation tile in the Windows 10. Click on the tile and that will open the Bing maps service on the screen. You can also find the Maps through using the windows search bar, simply type the Maps keyword and through the results open up the Maps.

Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10
Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10

#2 Once the Maps app is loaded on your screen you will see that you could be able to access the routes and the navigation. We have to do it click on the three dots menu that will be placed in the top right corner of the app screen. Through using the list menu that appears click on the settings option, this would take you to the settings screen.

Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10
Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10

#3 On the settings page just select the choose Maps option under the Offline Maps section. Now when the Offline Maps section opens up what you have to do is you need to select the Download Maps button from there. You will be taken to the map screen where all of the world maps will be shown to you. Not to worry as you will also be provided with the list of regions for which you wish to download the Maps. For that simply select or choose the country for which you are going to download the maps.

Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10
Use Bing Maps when Offline on Windows 10

#4 Select the region and then let it be downloaded. Now all you have to do is switch off the internet and then you will be able to surf through the downloaded map region in offline mode. Repeat the steps and download the maps for all other regions for which you wish to navigate or search in offline.

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There is no doubt that in our day to day life we can anytime require the usage of maps service so as to find the locations. Keeping this in focus this should be mandatory for everyone to save the maps for the offline access as sometimes at certain places there could be no internet access for using the Maps. Bing maps could be used in the offline mode if you want, the method for attaining the offline mode is given above and all of you might have already read it. We hope that all of you would have liked the method and also got benefitted by it. Please share this post with others if you really liked the information inside it. At last, don’t forget to share your views on this post, you know that you can use the comments section below for sharing your opinions or suggestions!


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