How To Use Finger Print Sensor To Protect Apps In Android

Today almost all new Android phones have a fingerprint sensor. But this feature is only used to unlock the lock screen. And what if you can lock any app with your fingerprint sensor?

Yes, it’s possible, and you can do this on any Android device with a fingerprint reader. And this is only possible with the well-known tweaker that is the Xposed installer and using the method we have shared.

Steps to Use Finger Print Sensor To Protect Apps On Android

The method is quite simple and needs Xposed installer and an Xposed module app to protect any apps with the Fingerprint on your device. For this, follow the guide below.

1. First of all, root your Android.

2. After rooting your Android device, install the Xposed installer. For that, follow our guide to Install Xposed Installer.

3. After installing the Xposed Installer, you need an Xposed module called FingerLock.

4. Now install the app and enable it on the Xposed Installer. Once done, restart your Android device.

5. Launch the FingerLock app, and you will see apps currently installed on your device. Now, select the apps that you want to secure with your Fingerprint.FingerLock app

6. Now, you can edit other settings, like Enable Desktop Password, in the app’s Settings section.Enable Desktop Password

7. That’s it! You are done. Now the selected apps will be protected with your Fingerprint, and you will be asked to input it while opening the protected apps.selected apps will be protected

So above is all about how to use the Fingerprint sensor to protect Android apps. If you need more help protecting your Android apps with Fingerprint lock, let us know in the comments.

Karanpreet Singh
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