During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the entire country was under complete lockdown, people were forced to remain in their houses. We are running short of entertainment means and missing our friends.

Although you can always make video calls or play online games with your friends, watching movies together is better entertainment.

Right now, plenty of web apps are available out there that let you watch movies with your friends. Watching movies together is one of the popular ways to stay connected with friends and family members, and in this article, we will talk about the same topic.

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together

In this article, we list some of the best web apps to help you watch movies with friends and family. You can use these apps to watch your favorite movie or web series with friends.

1. Watch2gether


Watch2gether is one of the best sites to watch movies with your friends and family during the lockdown period.

The good thing is that it doesn’t ask you to create an account. You must create a room and invite your friends to watch movies, web series, and other video content together.

2. Netflix Party

Netflix Party

Netflix is one of the leading media streaming services out there. The video streaming service has many exclusive content like Sacred Games, Daredevil, etc. You can watch every video content on Netflix with your friends via the Netflix Party.

It’s a Chrome extension that lets you create private rooms. You need to add friends to the room to sync the video content.

3. TwoSeven


If you are searching for the best tool to watch YouTube videos together online, then TwoSeven might be the best pick for you. Not just YouTube, it also lets you share videos on Vimeo, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, etc.

It has both free and premium plans. The premium plan is bundled with Hulu and Disney Plus subscriptions.

4. Parsec


Well, Parsec is not precisely a service to watch movies together. It’s a tool that lets you stream entire games to your friends. Parsec mirrors the screen as a whole.

That means you can stream your entire desktop running movies and watch them with others. Overall, it’s an excellent service that you can use today.

5. Zoom


Zoom is probably the best video-conferencing app to date. The great thing about Zoom is that it offers you lots of team management features. For instance, you can share your screen with hundreds of other people, share statistics, screen recordings, and more.

Although Zoom is not meant for movie streaming, you can still watch movies & TV Shows with others. To do that, you must share your computer screen with your friends via Zoom.

6. Syncplay


Syncplay is another great tool on the list that lets you watch movies & TV Shows together with your friends and family members. This one is basically a screen-sharing tool that connects multiple users.

To use this app, every user must have the same video file and a compatible video player app like VLC, MPC, or KMPlayer for streaming.

The tool also provides voice & video chat features via third-party tools like Skype, Mumble, etc.

7. Kast


Kast is basically an advanced screen-sharing tool. With Kast, you can share your PC screen with up to 100 people. It’s a great tool for watching movies together with friends.

Setting up Kast is also pretty easy; download the desktop app for Windows or Mac or use the web version compatible with Chrome or Edge browser.

Once downloaded, simply open Kast and create your watch party. Your friends can join your watch party & start watching movies together.

8. Scener


Scener is available in two variants – Free and Premium. The free version allows you to watch videos with your friends and text chat with only up to 10 friends.

However, if you want to unlock the video and audio chat features, purchase the Scener premium. Scener could be best if you want to watch movies together via Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, etc.

9. Prime Video Watch Party

Prime Video Watch Party

If you have a Prime subscription, you can utilize the Prime Video Watch Party feature to chat and watch eligible titles/content with your friends & family members virtually.

The feature basically lets you watch movies & chat with up to 100 friends in the same country. What’s more useful is that the Watch Party feature is also available in the Prime Video mobile app for Android and iOS.

10. Hulu Watch Party

Hulu Watch Party

Like Prime Video Watch Party, Hulu Watch Party lets you watch movies together. However, to utilize the Watch Party feature, you must have a Hulu Premium subscription.

Another difference is that Hulu Watch Party lets you watch a movie with only up to 8 friends online. Also, everyone joining the Watch Party needs an active subscription to Hulu to watch videos together.

Can I use these services to watch movies with my friends?

You can use any of the listed services to watch movies and other videos with your friends and family.

Are these apps safe to use?

Yes, all the apps listed in the articles were safe to use. Thousands of users right now use them.

Can I sync YouTube, Netflix videos with these apps?

You can stream YouTube and Netflix videos using Rabb.it and Watch2Gether. These apps were also compatible with other video streaming services.

So, these are the five best tools to watch movies with friends and family. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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