According to the latest reports from MS Power Users Windows 7 and 8.1 gained more new users than Windows 10 in last two months.

Windows 7 And 8.1 Are Gaining More Users Than Windows 10

We all know that Microsoft launched their latest Windows 10 in 2015, later they forced people to use it. The company had tried almost every strategy to shift users from the older version to the new one.

We are also known to the fact that Windows 10 is not that much safe compared to their previous versions, that’s the reason Microsoft very often pushing security updates to Windows 10 users. Early reports (The time when windows 10 was launched) suggests that users were upgrading to Windows 10. However, recent reports show a completely twisted tale.

According to the reports from MS Power Users shows that only 22.59% of computers use Windows 10 on the month of October. That somehow sounds healthy! However, it is less impressive if you compared to the market share as of September which was 22.53%

Windows 10 just managed to make only 0.006% increase in the course of a calendar month at the same time Windows 7 jumped from 48.27% share to 48.38% share. It’s not a good sign for Microsoft because recently Microsoft has declared that they will no more make Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs

Windows 8.1 also gained 0.57% of market share now it had the market share of $8.4 whereas it had 7.83% of market share in the month of September. Windows 10 was offered for free when it was released which might have helped Microsoft to get a good start. However, things look different now.

If you are searching for Linux and other OS let me tell you Linux Claims 2.18%, OS X 10.11 claims 2.74%, Windows XP claims 8.27% of market share. So, what do you think of Windows 10’s growth? Share your views in the comment box below.