The malware was linked to some Chinese hacker’s DDoS services given. Malware-like PCs pointed at both Linux and Windows were connected to a toolkit as DDoS attacks.

Windows and Linux malware linked to Chinese DDoS tool. The malware was linked to some Chinese hackers’ DDoS services are given. Malware-like PCs pointed at both Linux and Windows were connected to a toolkit as DDoS attacks, which continued then exchanged by Chinese hackers within the web, according to the boys’ statement, Malware Must Die! The malware, codenamed Linux/DDOSTF (or Linux/MrBlack), mainly attacked computers with Linux servers Elasticsearch executed, but also attacked and infected Windows systems, particularly the oldest, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 servers.

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The reports of the guy’s Malware Must Die! They report that the Windows computer infections occurred through a PHP-Shell MySQL that took advantage of a mistake in the architecture of WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), allowing them to infiltrate systems, install and run the malicious program and gain administrator privileges on infected computers. The Windows version of this malware is known as Trojan Mr. Black.

Windows And Linux Malware Linked to Chinese DDoS Tool

Security researchers also claim that the variant of Linux for this malware, distributed as a malicious executable ELF, resembles an older malware, JrLinux, so possibly they are of the same family. Additionally, part of the code could have been stolen from another famous malware Linux, Linux/Windows. Both the malware were linked to the service

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Analyzing telemetry data from infected PCs, researchers say this malware is just one part of a larger botnet, which is mainly used for DDoS attacks. Using the clues that have left the malware authors in the source code, the researchers have managed to reach infected PCs to service This website offers the “Wrath DDoS Cluster “or “DDoS Curse Cluster” in exchange for money.

Chinese website advertises it as a pen-testing tool, but it’s nothing more than a control panel for DDoS attacks. Further investigating the source code for Linux/DDOSTF, researchers Malware Must Die! They managed to link several characteristics of malware with options and buttons on the website’s control panel for DDoS attacks.

“This control panel is loaded with not only malware but also with weapons Webshell and hacking tools. The ELF and malware Windows that have used lead us to them, “the researchers conclude. “These attackers are infecting and performing DDoS attacks? Or it is perhaps one of his buyers about? We do not know yet.”