YouTube Music Audio-Only for Free users

YouTube Music is planning to start audio-only for all the free users, this means there will be no video for the users who haven’t subscribed. The app will play videos when you pay for Premium.

The change will be rolled out next month in Canada first and later in other countries. However, there will be no updates to the YouTube Premium subscribers as they can watch videos on the app.

No Videos Without Premium Plan on YouTube Music

YouTube Music Audio-Only for Free users

On the Community forums, YouTube announced that the videos on YouTube Music will be exclusive for all the YouTube Premium subscribers. All the free listeners couldn’t watch the video until they pay for a subscription.

The unsubscribed users will not get features like unlimited skips and on-demand music selection.

All the free YouTube Music users can access the dedicated mood mixes for workouts or other activities. They can explore millions of songs and playlists with advertisements in between. The free listeners who uploaded songs on the YouTube Music app can play them on-demand.

This change will be coming from November 3, once the free background play is out. However, the change is first coming to Canada with the “global expansion plans”. With a help post, Google has confirmed this change coming to YouTube Music videos.

Google said,

“Last week, we shared with our YouTube Music listeners (blog post) that background play will soon be available in Canada, free of charge, beginning on November 3, 2021. Alongside this update, some features will become exclusive to YouTube Music Premium listeners.”

The users who don’t pay for YouTube Music can listen to music in the background. They can shuffle play personalized mixes and find the perfect mood mixes for activities. Free users can explore millions of songs.

And the YouTube Premium subscribers can listen to songs on-demand and watch videos. They are allowed to skip tracks unlimited times and can enjoy Youtube Music without ads.


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