We all know very well that the new MacBook Pro (2019), which is recently introduced by the tech giant Apple has shown some serious CPU throttling issues. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Apple just revealed why the new MacBook Pro (2019) slowed down and released the bug fix.

Apple Just Revealed Why The New MacBook Pro Slowed Down, Released Bug Fix

The new MacBook Pro (2019), which is recently introduced by the tech giant Apple, promises to make these great machines even better. The novelties focus on hardware and are the natural evolution of what would be expected.

These new machines started early to be tested and one of the models had problems. The 15-inch MacBook Pro with the i9 processor could not keep up its steady operation in the most demanding situations.

Although there was no known cause, the first tests on the new 15-inch MacBook Pro, equipped with the powerful i9 processor, showed that this machine had serious performance problems.

The tests showed that in more demanding situations, this processor ended up losing performance and had much lower results than the machines it came to replace. Everything seemed to point to an excess of heat, which meant that the processor protected itself and slowed its speed.

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Apple recognized the MacBook Pro (2019) problem

The tech giant Apple has now come to admit this problem and present the reasons for the detected situations. It all came down to a software flaw, which meant that the processor slowed down in situations where higher clock speeds were required. Curiously this problem would not only be on the MacBook with the most powerful processor but on all the machines recently released.

The solution also came to the MacBook Pro (2019)

While announcing the problem, the tech giant Apple also announced that it already has the solution. The brand has released an update of its operating system that solves this problem and that must be installed in all the new machines.

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With this solution, the tech giant Apple again affirms the results of its tests, where the new 15-inch MacBook Pro maybe 70% faster than the previous model and the new 13-inch MacBook Pro can be twice as fast.

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