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Let’s admit it; Font is significant for web designing. As a web designer, you should pick a font that looks good and is great for readability.

You may want to use cool fonts on other apps and services even if you are not a web designer. For example, you can use an online font generator to generate cool fonts and use them on your Instagram Bio Section.

10 Free Online Font Generators

Similarly, you can use the best online font generators to generate fonts for your projects, graphic, etc. Hence, this article lists some of the best online font generators to help you instantly develop cool fonts. Let’s get started.

1. FontStruct

Best Font Generator

FontStruct is not precisely a font generator; it’s a font-building tool mainly used to create awesome fonts. With FontStruct, you can easily create fonts using geometrical shapes.

The web-based font generator is free to use, but you must create an account. When you are done building a font, FontStruct generates TrueType fonts, which you can download and use in any application or website.

Overall, FontStruct is an excellent font generator tool and will significantly help developers look for ways to generate awesome new fonts for their projects.

2. Calligrapher


If you are searching for an online font generator to help you create TrueType fonts for your websites and apps, look no other than Calligrapher.

Calligraphy has both free and premium versions. The free account of Calligraphy has limited tools and resources, but it’s usually enough to generate fonts for websites and mobile apps.

Calligraphy allows you to create unlimited fonts online. The fonts could include up to 75 characters. Also, you have the option to randomize the design of your letters.

3. Font Meme

Font Meme

Font Meme is one of the best online resources for fonts. The site can help you discover new fonts and create excellent text graphics online.

If we talk about the free online font generator of Font Meme, you can choose the font template and add your text. First, you need to open the Font Meme font generator, pick the text style and enter your text.

The font generator will automatically generate a font based on your chosen style. Font Meme is a great online font generator you can use today.

4. Glowtxt


If you are searching for a free font generator that can generate colorful texts for you, then look no other than Glowtxt. Glowtxt is a free site that helps you create colorful texts.

To generate colorful text, the site offers you 80+ font styles. The site’s interface is also easy to use. For example, you can include the Pulse and Sweep animation on your text, add background/border color, etc.

After generating colorful texts with Glowtxt, you can download them on your computer or upload them to Imgur directly.

5. Lingojam


If you are searching for a free online fancy font generator, try Lingojam. The site is free and has a clean and straightforward user interface.

You will see two sections when you open the site on your web browser. One is for Normal text, and the other is for Fancy text.

The text you enter in the Normal Text section will be converted into Fancy text in the second section. Overall, Lingojam is an excellent choice for those looking for options to generate fancy fonts for their project or social media handles.

6. Font Generator

Best Font Generator

Font Generator is very similar to the Lingojam website listed above. Like the Lingojam, you need to write your original text, and the site will provide you with the output in different font styles.

It’s an online font generator that can generate text and graphics fonts. In addition, you can choose from various font styles before generating, such as Italics, Handwriting, Elegant, and more.

After generating a graphics font, you can customize the font color, size, and background color. Once done with the customization, you can download the graphics font in JPG, PNG, or GIF file format.

7. Glyphr


If you are searching for a free and easy-to-use web-based font designer for your ongoing project, look no other than Glyphr. Glyphr is a free font generator with the best font editing experience.

You can rely on this web-based online font generator to create custom fonts in an intuitive interface. The good thing about Glyphr is that it lets you adjust every pixel of each letter.

However, to generate awesome fonts with Glyphr, you must learn how to use the tool. The user interface is simple but has many advanced tools that require hard work to master.

8. FontArk


FontArk is an innovative browser-based font editor, font creator, and font generator that’s free to use and is now available only in open beta mode.

If you are searching for a font generator that can help you generate traditional sans-serif and serif fonts, then FontArk could be the best option.

However, FontArk could be complicated to use because it boasted the most powerful design tool. So, FontArk is a web tool that can take type design to a new level, provided you have some prior knowledge of font editing.

9. Stylish Text Generator

Stylish Text Generator

As you might have guessed from the name, it’s a browser-based tool that lets you generate stylish texts online in just a few clicks. Smart Text Generator is perfect for those who don’t want to learn about font editing but want to create excellent readers with custom effects.

Stylish Text Generator is an online smart font generator that lets you add effects to a text. Two types of  areproducts available on the online text generator: text effects and text decoration.

Using Stylish Text Generator is also pretty easy. First, you need to enter the word or sentence in the Text field, choose from Text Effect or Decoration, and click on Generate.

Within a few seconds, the site will generate many stylish texts. Then, you can copy it on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform.

10. Instagram Fonts

Instagram Fonts

Instagram Fonts or IG fonts are still a good font generator. However, this one is designed for Instagram as it uses fonts compatible with the image-sharing platform.

Using the Instagram Fonts generator is pretty easy; you need to type text in the input field, and the free font generator will automatically generate different typeface options.

You need to copy the font you like and use it on Instagram. Even though the site is designed for Instagram, you can also use the typeface options on other websites. It’s a decent online font generator you can consider.

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All the sites we have listed will generate typeface fonts for you. So, these are some of the best free online font generators you can use today. If you want to suggest any other online font generator, let us know in the comment box below.


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