10 Best VPN For iPhone To Browse Anonymously in 2022

Well, nothing is private in this digital world. ISPs and authorities track your every internet activity, including the sites you visit, links that you click, interests, etc. To hide online activity, one needs to use a VPN app.

VPN is a valuable tool to encrypt incoming and outgoing traffic for those who don’t know. VPN route all the requests from the different servers rather than from the same server that is usually transmitted, hence providing your device extra security.

List of Best VPN For iPhone To Browse Anonymously

We have already shared an article on the best VPN for Android. This article will talk about the best VPN for iPhones to browse anonymously. So, let’s check out the best VPN for iPhone for anonymous browsing.

1. Turbo VPN Private Browser

Turbo VPN Private Browser

Turbo VPN Private Browser is an excellent security & privacy app that you can use on your iPhone. It’s basically a VPN app that secures your online activity by hiding your IP Address.

Turbo VPN Private Browser is a free VPN that offers you many free global servers. In addition, you can unlock thousands of global servers to access blocked websites with a premium account.

Since the app offers you thousands of global servers, stability won’t be an issue. It also offers a few other privacy features.

2. VPN 360

VPN 360

VPN 360 from Touch VPN is a top-rated VPN app available for iPhone. With VPN 360, you can easily access all your blocked websites and streaming sites.

The good thing about VPN 360 is that it’s completely free and super secure. The VPN app for iPhone offers you hundreds of global servers to choose from.

The servers of VPN 360 were optimized to provide you with better downloading/uploading speed, and they are pretty stable.

3. Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN

If you are looking for a VPN app for iPhone that could help you remain private & safe on the web, then look no other than Thunder VPN. Just like every other VPN app for iPhone, Thunder VPN also provides you with many high-quality servers in multiple countries/regions.

Thunder VPN servers were well optimized to provide you better download/uploading and fast browsing experience. Unlike other VPN apps, Thunder VPN doesn’t require any registration; just install the app and connect to the server of your choice.

4. Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy

Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy

Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy is not a free VPN on the list, but you can still get a 7-day free trial if you use it for the first time. With the premium version of Hotspot Shield, you can access some premium tools like RoboShield, Identity Guard, and 1Password.

The great thing is that Hotspot Shield supports both 3G/4G forms of connectivity. Apart from masking the IP Address, the Hotspot shield also provides other features like firewall rules, kill switch, etc.

5. Best VPN Proxy Betterne‪t‬

Free VPN Proxy by Betternet

Betterne‪t‬ is a free VPN app on the list that one can use on iPhone and iPad. Although it’s not free because it shows lots of ads, you still get most things for free. The great thing about Betterne‪t‬ is that it doesn’t ask you to register or log in to use its VPN services.

Also, it doesn’t save any of your browsing activity. However, the free version of Betterne‪t‬ doesn’t allow you to select the VPN server manually. It automatically connects you to the best and fastest VPN server based on your location.

6. SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN

Although not very popular, SurfEasy VPN is still one of the best VPN apps you can consider. With SurfEasy VPN, you can surf the web anonymously.

It protects your connection with AES-256 bank-grade encryption, making you secure from third-party trackers. However, SurfEasy VPN doesn’t have any free plan, but it does offer a free trial period that lasts for seven days.

7. VPN Proxy Master

VPN Proxy Master

VPN Proxy Master is a top-rated iOS VPN app available on the App store. With VPN Proxy Master, you can stay anonymous online and enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere.

You won’t believe it, but VPN Proxy Master lets you access over 6700 worldwide VON servers with the premium version. You can use the VPN app to unblock websites, hide your IP Address, or encrypt your traffic.

8. Touch VPN

Touch VPN

Touch VPN is a free and truly unlimited VPN app for iOS devices. The main interface of the app has only one button – Connect. As you tap on it, it automatically connects you to one of many encrypted and well-optimized servers to protect your identity.

However, the app shows lots of ads. If you want to remove the ads, you need to choose a monthly or yearly subscription.

9. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN

If you search for a free and affordable VPN app for your iPhone to protect your online privacy, then TunnelBear might be the best pick for you. It offers users 500MB of data under the free account every month.

The free plan might not be enough for video streaming or downloading, but the servers were well optimized, and it won’t disappoint you for sure.

10. VPN by Private Internet Access‬

Private Internet Access VPN

Yet, another advanced iOS VPN app that you will love to have. Unlike other VPN apps, Private Internet Access VPN creates several security layers to prevent web trackers, snoopers, data hackers from tracking you.

Apart from that, Private Internet Access VPN has a strict no-log policy. The app offers users lots of high-quality servers spread across different locations.

If you want to protect your privacy & remain anonymous, it’s best to start using a VPN app for iPhone. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Also, if you know of any other VPN apps, let us know in the comment box below.


  1. I have VPN on 2 IPhones.(Well the VPN sign shows in the box up the top). I have no idea of what level of protection that I have. I wish to protect my Laptop but I have no idea of how to set that up.I have paid good money to get a satisfactory level of protection. I have absolutely no idea of what level of protection I have.


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